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Expanding Your Capacity to Receive

Expanding Your Capacity to Receive

3 Simple Ways to Get Unstuck

I am Beth Lopez, a Soul Coach and ThetaHealer. I specialize in helping women heal, find clarity, create abundance in health and wealth energies, expanding their psychic senses to step into their power to find their soul purpose. 818-653-8262.

You may be a giver, but are you a good receiver?

Or are you living in survival mode? Trapped in 3D reality, living in the worry, the fear, scarcity and the “not knowing?”

The good news is it’s all an illusion. Here are three simple ways to expand your capacity to receive what you want out of life:

  1. Ask for help and the universe will meet you halfway.

Trust this. The opportunity will show up; your job is to recognize it and take it.

There were times when I gave so much to life (and others) that I became exhausted, weak and even felt taken advantage of. I knew I needed to find an appropriate balance of giving and receiving.

  1. 2. Keep letting go of old limiting beliefs

I call these sandbags because they lower your vibration so ego can continue to run rampant and rule the show.

A sandbag can be a hidden (unconscious) belief, which can be reflected in the language we use.  For example, “I don’t deserve good things.”

The key to breaking out of all of this? It’s simple yet powerful: strongly and clearly voicing what you want in your life. And then become confidently ready to receive it.

  1. 3. Your soul will guide you.

You may not feel it all the time but you are born to receive all the goodness life offers. It’s your birthright. If you feel like things aren’t moving fast enough, it’s because your core beliefs aren’t yet healed. My Soul Sessions can assist you with that.

My business accelerated when I purged an old money story: my parents never had money and believed they would never have enough. I adopted that belief without even knowing it and lived it until I used these techniques to get free of it, which allowed me to receive.

One of my primary techniques is that I’m able to work effectively with the archangels and ascended masters, including Jesus Christ. His teachings gave me the ability to expand my capacity to receive. And that’s what I pay forward to you in my Soul Sessions.

During my Soul Session with you, I will work with your subconscious through the Theta state so that whatever needs healing will surface and get unstuck. I’ve found this to be a particularly effective method for dealing with ego-blocking issues (sandbags!). And I make it a very comfortable experience.

Releasing your limiting beliefs will put you in harmony with your soul. You will then automatically expand your capacity to receive much more than you can imagine. You can heal this!

For my free guide called “Rituals to Help You Manifest Abundance,” go to and sign up for my newsletter. You can also learn more about my services and Soul Sessions there.

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