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From Fear to Gratitude: a COVID-19 transition, by Janna Colaco

From Fear to Gratitude: a COVID-19 transition, by Janna Colaco

Janna Colaco

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At first, the stress of all the changes in everyday life affected me dramatically. Old worries were drudged up… what’s going to happen… how can I predict the future… will I still have a business to return to… what will happen to the people I care about?  

More importantly, my ‘go-to’ fears surfaced out of proportion, like large tidal waves after an earthquake in the ocean. Like tidal waves, there was no way to fight them, out-think them, out-plan them, or worry them away. Surrender was the only option. 

So as I surrendered each new fear, let it have its way with me, accepted all possibilities totally, including failure, destitution, even death — each new moment, each habitual fear pattern as it emerged was transcended. 

Now, I operate from a fresh, peaceful, joyful place.

I learned to let go of my ego, and what others think of me. Life is not about looking good, money, or recognition. It is about connection to others. I learned to be more present. I learned to enjoy each new moment with each new person in a newly empowered way. 

Life will never go back to the way it was, thank goodness!

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