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Forgiveness, Clemency and Divine Neutrality, by Sandra Walter

Forgiveness, Clemency and Divine Neutrality, by Sandra Walter

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    Blessings Beloveds ~ Much of what we do as Wayshowers and Starseeds is preparation for collective experiences. 

    We anticipate the collective reaction to revelations, incoming energies, consciousness shifts, or Ascension itself.

    We create balance by doing the good work as the light levels intensify, allowing the dismantling to accelerate.

    Keep in heart that we are overriding fearful imprints and behaviors with Love and Unity Consciousness. We will not behave as the old systems did, nor will we support lower agendas with fear-based reactions. We learn to enter into conversations and exchanges not with closed fists and polarized minds, but with an open heart ready to create solutions. This is wisdom; the long-game of Divine Love.

    Think Global, Act Local ~ We continue to take advantage of this Global pause. Perhaps this is a good moment to remind everyone that while the energetic sources for many of the lower agendas are still shut down (schools, churches, amusement parks, shopping malls, etc.) you have the opportunity to clear these spaces, remove attachments, bind the etheric goo out of them and back to Source, and connect them to the higher light grids. It is much easier to clean an empty space. We don’t dwell on the old; we clean house for the new light, setting the stage for the higher revelation.

    Those of us who work behind the scenes, or with the higher realms assisting with the organic Ascension process, can see and sense the effect which some of these revelations will have on the collective. Many of them are positive, heart-opening revelations… after a bit of density is brought to light.

    We can assist right now, before the amplified Eclipse passage launches the Embodiers into the new unknown, a beautiful state of transformation.

Three Key Mastery Skills to Revisit in this Now


    Forgiveness is a strong key to Ascension, and Freedom from old narratives. As one of the ultimate healing modalities, forgiveness frees the Soul from entanglements, fragmentation, and entrapment.

    Forgiveness neutralizes negative emotion from affecting us in a negative way, such as resentment, anger, judgment, payback scenarios, dis-ease in the body, or fueling lower agendas.

    Practice forgiveness, both personal and collective. We don’t need to approve of what has occurred in the illusion. We learn our lessons, unify to create heart-based solutions, and release judgment to higher authorities (God).

    As we level up and Embody Christed/Crystalline/Unity consciousness, we gain the cosmic perspective. We become a conduit for Source-level forgiveness; neutralizing akashic imprints from bodies, lightbodies, Souls, entire planets, and realms. This is part of becoming a vehicle for miracles.

    Have a forgiveness ceremony. Clear and neutralize the grids to assist the collective in moving though these revelations with as much ease and grace as possible. Forgiveness basics:

  • No one needs to ask for forgiveness in order for you to forgive them.
  • Forgiveness cannot be demanded from another.
  • Forgiveness must be authentic and heartfelt.
  • Walking away is not the same as forgiving. Learn the lesson, neutralize the past with love.
  • Forgiveness happens in your own heart. No one needs to witness your choice except you, your Higher Self and Source. Sometimes it is better to end contracts and entanglements without the other person’s awareness.
  • Use discernment. Express forgiveness in the physical when complementary to both. The relief is felt on a quantum level when these old energies are transmuted.
  • The sooner you forgive, the sooner you Ascend. Why delay your Freedom, or collective Freedom?
  • Forgiveness does not condone bad behavior. You forgive the person, situation, the big bad they, or yourself, for the effect of their choices on your journey, or the collective journey. Your reaction to external actions or internal choices is your responsibility.
  • Classic Mastery: Treat others as you would desire to be treated. Often Oneness goes out the window when revelation presents. It is up to all of us to negotiate a positive collective experience.
  • Many hearts melt in the presence of Divine Love. Open the door for forgiveness.

    Mass awakening can bring confusion, especially as Souls are *shaken awake* this year and overwhelmed by information which we have had decades to process. Forgiveness is an aspect of personal and collective revelation, empowerment and freedom from old dualistic, fragmented separation.

    The ability to forgive truly reveals heart coherence. Neutralize any attachment or entanglement with the old stories or distortions. It accelerates the collective awakening. Learn this skill, so you may suggest it when others are struggling with the dismantling within and without.


    As a liaison, I have learned a lot about clemency agreements. Know that some key players – who may appear to be at fault – were granted clemency many years ago in exchange for playing a role, or assisting the alliances, or revealing information.

    Any being, at any point on their journey, may experience a self-revelation and choose to align with the positive light/Ascension timeline. All authentic heart-based requests are heard.

    Many of you are active in the higher realms, or working with the alliances. We grant clemency to all willing hearts wanting to change, reveal, or assist the Ascension. Let anyone who wants to step forward to help know that they will be supported if they do the right thing – now. Send this forth as a Divine missive to all who feel trapped by bad decisions.

    Apply this in your lifestream. Prioritize the bigger picture, the acceleration. We are brand new each moment.

Divine Neutrality

    Divine neutrality is a detached compassionate state. It is a pure state of the Solar Cosmic Christ. In this world, but not of it. It allows us to be in any situation and not be swayed into taking sides, judging, or getting entangled with lesser agendas.

    You have heard the advice to be the calm in the storm; stay in the calm center, and your perspective will be clearer. The center of your Heart torus contains the Source spark. When we maintain alignment with the Divine Heart center, which is all Love without distortion, we make better decisions.

    Divine Neutrality is not passive; it makes us much stronger conduits of the God force. The I AM Presence/Higher Selves can direct the journey without the lower dualistic constructs of mind, ego, emotions getting in the way. We can come into any situation clear, neutral, discerning. We care, but we don’t carry… for more of this article, go to

Sandra Walter is a Wayshower, Ascension Guide, and Gatekeeper in Service to the New Light. As an Interdimensional Liaison, Sandra provides messages, articles, and videos focused on the Shift, and the deeply transformational Ascension Path online training class at Sandra lives in Mount Shasta, California.


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