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Free at Last

Hypnotherapy Clients Liberated from Anxiety and More

Janna Colaco, C.Ht., is a Clinical Hypnotherapist and Master Therapeutic Imagery Facilitator practicing in downtown Fullerton. Janna has coached motivational transformation since 1986. She is a Healing Minister, NLP practitioner, Reiki Practitioner and Yoga Teacher. You can reach Janna at (714) 269-6908,, and

Experienced Clinical Hypnotherapist Janna Colaco shares her compassionate approach when working with clients in high anxiety and over-sensitivity. — Editor

Why do people come to you? Wow, for anything from, “I want this headache to go away” to “Help me through this divorce.” Some want past-life regression or help with a fear of spiders. It could even be as nuts-and-bolts as “I can’t find the car keys” to quitting smoking or drinking, or losing weight.

What is your approach? I work within their personal belief system so, if they aren’t spiritual, that’s fine; we’ll do what’s right for them. If they’re open to more, I can do more, like incorporating Reiki with the hypnosis. I’m claircognizant and I channel. This might sound crazy, but when I’m in a session, I have memories from other lives of being a healer and tap into that wisdom as well. Love is what opens the door for me to know what to say. And the hypnotherapy process is such a powerful tool in its own right.

People have a lot of anxiety these days. Yes, people come in with worry or relationship break-ups or financial crisis or retirement or empty nest concerns or divorce or a health problem, and sensitive people seem to suffer the worst because their boundaries aren’t there. It’s always the nicest, sweetest, most openhearted ones who end up being thrown under the bus the hardest by life. Acutely sensitive people tend to accumulate more anxiety than the average bear, more fears. They may get nervous driving, they’ll become uncomfortable in crowds because there’s just too much energy.

How do you help them? I find out what triggers them. Being sensitive is good and bad. We want to keep them open to their intuitive abilities to empathically love and connect with people, but we don’t want them vulnerable to negative energy, too. The hypnotherapy process is like open-heart surgery; there’s healing, but we want what goes in to be sterilized, no germs allowed! We block the emotional impact of negative people and we block the client’s own negative self-talk that says, “I can’t” or “I’m not good enough” or “I’m not lovable” or “I’m not worthy” so they can feel better. Positive focus, positive results.

How does hypnosis work? It provides access to the subconscious mind where memories, emotions and underlying assumptions are stored. So, logically, a person comes in knowing they’re over-stressing. But subconsciously they feel otherwise and they’re frustrated they can’t stop worrying. In hypnosis, we talk to the upset part and reassure that part of them with confidence and comfort.

So they won’t get triggered as much? Right. If someone flips them off on the freeway, there won’t be all that negative emotion. Sensitive or empathic people are very hurt by that and it might even bring a tear to their eye. The rudeness goes in. But when you block it, they’re not triggered and they can maintain their higher vibrational level so that they can then send love and compassion to that person because, clearly, that driver is having a bad day. It won’t bring their own energy down.

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