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From Paramedicine to Prana— One Firefighter’s Journey into the World of Energy Healing

From Paramedicine to Prana— One Firefighter’s Journey into the World of Energy Healing

Bill Hencke combines 22 years of professional Firefighter/Paramedic experience with 15 years of Pranic Healing to develop an integrated approach to medical treatment and holistic wellness.  He resides with his wife and two children in Huntington Beach, CA.

Through my entire childhood, there was only one thing I really wanted to be in life: a firefighter/paramedic. Johnny and Roy from that TV show “Emergency” were my heroes, and when I finally realized my dream eighteen years ago, I figured I knew all there was to know about emergency medicine.

And although I loved my job, and the opportunities it provided to help others, I also saw a side of our healthcare system that made me realize something wasn’t right.  Many patients didn’t have access to the proper evaluation or treatment, and many people weren’t getting better with their medicines.

Still, I didn’t believe in energy healing. In a class one day, I saw a Pranic Healer relieve a lady’s neck pain by waving her arms behind her back. . .and I called B.S. I just didn’t believe that was possible.

But then… my wife contracted a medical condition her doctor couldn’t resolve. I remembered “that weird Pranic Healing,” and I decided I would learn this healing practice and try it on her.

It worked. My wife’s symptoms resolved immediately, and as I practiced on more people, I saw many physical healings happen with my own eyes.

These were outcomes that modern medicine couldn’t explain. Decades of pain, resolved within minutes! Skin conditions, musculoskeletal injuries, and respiratory distress, gone! I’ve even had clients who, under the guidance of their doctor, have stopped taking their hypertension medicines because their blood pressure completely normalized.

The thing that helped me wrap my head around this healing modality was that the founder, Master Choa Kok Sui, was a chemical engineer, and the first U.S. instructor, Master Stephen Co, was an electrical engineer. The techniques are based on solid, scientific facts.

Now, if you can picture the firehouse culture, you can imagine the good-natured abuse and hazing I took from my fellow firefighters when I started doing this. They figured I was crazy, and I remembered how I thought it was crazy when I first saw it, too.

But firefighters suffer many injuries over their careers, and when some of my co-workers were facing the worker’s compensation system and disability retirement, they decided to give it a try. The healing results were super-fantastic, and word-of-mouth in the fire department traveled quickly. I’ve collected a list of over 100 firefighter references to the effectiveness of Pranic Healing, and several have written testimonials for my website.

Pranic Healing is now my mission in life, and that’s why I formed PranaMedics LLC. I’m blessed to have a thriving Pranic Healing office and wellness center in Huntington Beach, and distant healing clients all over the country. I always say, “Don’t take my word for it…try it and see for yourself!”

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