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Getting to the Emotional Core of the Matter

Getting to the Emotional Core of the Matter

by Sandy Chasteen

Check out my monthly calendar at There you can also sign up for weekly updates capturing my events.  See you around town!

Collaboration Is the Key

After 14 years as a holistic health coach, I greatly appreciate the value of collaborating with a wide variety of healers. I recently emerged from a six-year healing journey overcoming a precondition for pancreatic cancer.

This was a wild ride that led me through an intense education in the holistic arts. I experienced everything first-hand working with medical intuitives, past-life regression, spiritual surgery, the use of high-end nutritional support products, ancestral-line clearing and multiple types of bodywork from acupuncture, acupressure, reflexology, lymphatic massage, the use of bio-mats, scalar energy and thermography.

The combined efforts obviously worked because I am now 100 PERCENT HEALTHY. The “physical” part is back in balance, so I’m focused on resolving those last bits of the “emotional core,” which is what I teach now. (You teach what you need to learn, yes?)

This process prepped me to guide my husband through his very different cancer journey (with the same success!). Now I love collaborating with a wide variety of healers to help others along their healing paths. I’ve shifted from “coaching” to “referring” as I now lead an 800-plus member doTERRA team, helping folks learn about and integrate essential oils and other natural solutions into their lives for physical, emotional (and financial) healing.

The more we learn about emotional roots, the benefits of grounding and relaxing the body to bring the sympathetic and parasympathetic systems back into balance, the more mainstream all of these holistic modalities will become, and techniques like these will be daily practices.

My broader team leaders teach classes on everything from green cleaning to roller balls,  from cooking to intimacy issues to whatever topics you may want to explore. I’m now focusing on the Aromatouch Technique and training folks to share oils in this powerful way.  I’ve had healers tap in and explain to me that what I’m doing is “way more than I think” and discussions of DNA modification, lifting energy patterns and helping folks get back to their Christ-consciousness as spiritual beings comes up quite often over tea at the end.

So whether you experience it and simply get a good night’s sleep afterward, it helps promote a healthy non inflammatory response. Or if you had a spiritual awakening right on my table, the technique is always based on what that person needs and is ready to receive.

I also lead certification classes monthly around Orange County and the country. It definitely keeps me busy while “filling my cup.” You can learn more about this from  Come over and experience it yourself. My favorite strategy is to set up a trade with folks that have new modalities for me to learn about, too! If folks want oils for themselves or see what I’m doing and “want to join my team,” that’s great, too. I love partnering with healers. doTERRA as a business is truly available for everyone.

I also manage “experiential, connection and collaboration” events open to everyone in Orange County.  We are privileged to live in an area that supports a beautiful community of holistic practitioners who enjoy supporting and collaborating with each other.

*My favorite event I lead for networking and collaboration is Lunch Bunch. When our family moved down to OC from upstate Washington, I was sick and needed a healing community ASAP.  I sashayed into the Holistic Chamber of Commerce meetings and started building my healing tribe right away. As I continued to heal and grow as a practitioner, I shared sharing what I was learning along the way.

I started “Lunch Bunch” as a casual offshoot. I simply started saying, “I would love to talk to you more about what you do. Can you join me for lunch?” We would meet somewhere like Urban Plates in Irvine around the corner from my condo. Over time, Lunch Bunch has grown from 4-5 people to sometimes 30-plus folks joining to connect and collaborate over lunch.

Now, each month we rotate locations around Orange County to check out members’ wellness centers, places of interest and beyond. By design, the group is loose and casual—everyone simply shows up and brings their business cards and flyers for upcoming events. We gather around tables with our brown-bag lunch or share snacks with others.

We run the events from 11am to 1pm; 11-11:30 is check in and mingling.  At 11:30, I facilitate the gathering and we simply go around the room taking two minutes each to introduce ourselves and our businesses and putting a call-out for anything we need. At the end, we have lots of raffles with tickets earned by attending, bringing someone new, offering a testimonial, sharing our event listings on social media or offering up a raffle prize.

It’s lots of fun and many a workshop and business partnership have emerged from these gatherings. Along my own personal journey, I’ve personally used the services of many of the practitioners so my heart is full of gratitude for my “Lunch Bunchers.”

If this sounds like a gathering you’d like to be a part of, please join us! We meet monthly and you can stay in the loop by joining our Facebook Group “Lunch Bunch for Networking Professionals” where you can share your events with the group and remain connected throughout the month.  This is my favorite day of the month. Our May event will be held from 11am to 1pm at Dragon and the Rose in Anaheim on Monday, May 14.  We rotate the day of the week so we can catch a variety of folks that “can’t come on ___days” throughout the year. We charge $10 at the door to help cover administrative fees and offset my time in coordinating.

“Vendor Blender” is another event I run quarterly. The concept is similar to Lunch Bunch, except everyone sets up their regular “vendor booth” like at a wellness fair.  We usually set up at 5:30 p.m.,  mingle until 7 p.m., then I facilitate going around the room like Lunch Bunch with everyone talking about two minutes to describe their business. At 8 p.m., we offer up the raffles, wrap up, ideally out by 9 p.m.  It’s nice to be able to present your information to the entire group instead of addressing “who walks by.” Sometimes you don’t really know that you need that person or business until you hear their details.

The TWIST is that I bring a selection of doTERRA overstock I may have on hand and place it on a table in the middle of the room. Vendors are invited to “trade” a gift certificate at their booth for any amount they want in exchange for whatever else lands on the table. It’s so much fun to watch folks connect and collaborate and excitedly drop off their gift certificates and then scoop up something of equal value from the table offerings.

Whatever’s left on the table at the end, I collect and bring to the next event. I often pull from these collected gift certificates from my collaborators when I’m working with someone that would benefit from those services so I love having a collection to pull from!  I have to have fun at networking events so I created something that I would want to attend! 😉

In addition, you can now join me at 10 a.m. pst Monday-Friday as I share “my day” through field trips or classes in my office exploring a wide variety of holistic modalities (and, often, how to add oils to them).  I love interviewing doTERRA team members who have holistic-based practices and checking out new local “hot spots.”

Archived shows are available on my website. Find me and learn more about my personal journey and other events I’m leading around OC by tuning in to XRoadstv, What is Your Holistic Radio, Ask Sharifah AMA. My Journey to Freedom and through my “Sharing Essential Health” oils user FB group where we share all sorts of holistic resources, oils and beyond.

Get healthy, have fun, manifest those dreams…and do it with people you love.

Check out my monthly calendar at There you can also sign up for weekly updates capturing my events.  See you around town!

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