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Getting Traumatized Energy Unstuck and Moving

To get your life flowing again, contact Carla for a free, 10-minute consultation at (310) 920-2177 or go to for more information.

Carla Cohen is certified in more than 20 healing modalities. She listens to your body’s tissue to help you unwind and encourages your whole being to release trauma and injury, increase energy flow and expand movement for more overall freedom. —Editor

How do people benefit when they see you? One lady came to me with vertigo. She’d tried Western medicine and some really good alternative options but they didn’t work for her. I did the Essential Harmony work that I do and alternated some Raindrop sessions on her. Between the two, we were able to get her back to normal. She had stopped driving, stopped dancing, stopped living her life. This was a big shift for her. And she said I was the last person on earth she would ever go to!

When we get a lot of things stuck together energetically, we don’t have the same movement; our mind isn’t as receptive to Source; the energy doesn’t come through us in the same way. We don’t let life come through us the same way.

Can you give us another example? I had a gentleman come to me who had recurring back problems for a very long time. He was discouraged and thought he was going to have to live with this for the rest of his life. He had almost no pain after just one session. Now he just comes for tune-ups maybe once a year, just to keep himself on track.

Is it always physical ailments people come to you with? No, I also get people coming for emotional issues. Sometimes they’re trying to find a job or wanting to get pregnant and they’re not in the right space—the line between physical and emotional blurs. One woman had three miscarriages before she met me. After I worked with her, she finally had a successful birth. Now she has a beautiful, healthy daughter.

What do you help them change about themselves? Over time, we have situations that come up in our lives. You can call them traumas, you can call them experiences that are not pleasant. Something changes in our physiology that puts us in a different space chemically. When our chemical balance changes, our tissue starts to change.

What do you do with that?  I’m able to work with those layers that are stuck to each other in a very gentle, noninvasive way and start to get that flow coming back. When you start to change the flow in the physiology, the mind changes. Your attitude changes. And life starts to flow for you again. That’s why I do what I do.

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