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Going Beyond Traditional Talk Therapy to Release Sexual Trauma  By Christine Alisa

Going Beyond Traditional Talk Therapy to Release Sexual Trauma By Christine Alisa

Christine Alisa is an energy teacher, MFT, past life regression therapist and shamanic practitioner.  Check out her website at:

Contact her at: or (562)619-5883

Trauma comes in many forms and none deeper and more destructive than abuse. I have chosen to share my story here to help shed some light and hope for those who maybe struggling with this as well.

I learned that there were layers to uncover. I had forgotten what happened to me, I believe as a way to survive. Deep in my subconscious sat childhood physical, mental and sexual abuse leaving me with depression, suicidal thoughts and anxiety that I never understood.  I had blocked out virtually all memory of the abuse, which put me more at risk.

It was only after trying to find answers with traditional therapists that the Universe put me into crisis with five car accidents in the space of four years. My chiropractor found a Past Life Regression therapist for me and that’s when the real deep work began.  I discovered that my father had sexually abused me for years as a child, with my mother in collusion. By regressing back into childhood, I could see, feel and process the terror and suppression of my being. Those were the dark days in my healing processing.

The rapes were so destructive that not only was my body so torn, but also my soul retreated as well.  Later as I worked with a shamanic practitioner, I found there were three soul parts that “left.” At two years old an animal spirit, raven, stayed with me. Then at four years old with another rape, white wolf was by my side. At seven years old polar bear, who is my power animal, guarded my soul. All these parts came back to help me feel whole again.

When I felt strong enough to share my story, I entered group therapy learning to speak aloud. However, it was even more profound for me when I began to tell family members.  I received a variety of reactions, but the ones that gave me the most strength were from my three uncles who confirmed that they believed me.

A few years before I took this deep healing journey, I sat across from a man at a dinner for a college fundraiser who knew my father. When I introduced myself, he stared at me and said, “How did you survive?” He knew. It took me longer, but I finally did.

I am no longer that abused person and am fully myself, rising stronger every day.

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