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Greg Friedman – Priest Warrior and Spiritual Guide

Greg Friedman – Priest Warrior and Spiritual Guide

After having spent time with Greg one of the things I quickly realized is that Greg doesn’t miss a thing.

Whether he’s working with you as a life coach or interviewing a guest on his number one rated radio show, “Inner Journey with Greg Friedman” (Gregg Braden and Marianne Williamson were recent guests), he will ask you to stop and expand on something in order illuminate a hidden gem you didn’t realize was lying just beneath the surface.

That’s the same reason you hire him—he’ll help you see those blind spots blocking you from experiencing your authentic life.

That’s a true gift, but it wasn’t easy to come by. You don’t come by some life knowledge without having earned it by living through tough experiences.

Greg has spent a lot of time studying and doing ceremony with the elders of various indigenous peoples.

He leads journeys to the Amazonian Rainforest, Machu Picchu and the Outback to bring seekers face to face with these same elders for wisdom that’s unencumbered by modern distractions. Whether it’s up a tributary of the Amazon or deep in the Outback to experience Aborigine healings performed through didgeridoo song and music Greg will literally go to the ends of the Earth to help you live an empowered life.

As a Guide, Greg helps you build the life of your choosing by uncovering the foundation that is already in you. These words are emblazoned on his site for a reason-what could be more valuable to living the best life possible?

When he’s not taking people on journey into these sacred lands, he’s spending time with his clients along the beautiful shore of Laguna Beach.

Whether it’s your love life, your career, your life purpose, relationship with abundance, fear, or shame Greg helps you enhance your vision and recognize that you have the strength to live an empowered life.

He works politely, but insistently. When you talk to Greg, like I did recently, you get a sense of a bigger world around you, and that anything’s possible, that everything’s in play.

The radio station is close by, so why not meet clients there and have a walking session along the bluffs of one the most beautiful beaches in California? Why not get into a full inquiry of someone’s life and hold sacred space with them? It’s been said that Laguna Beach is full of energy vortices, so why not ride those waves as well in service to a client?

To say a session or two with Greg is rewarding is understating it. Many people don’t even know that this incisive and passionate radio personality can also be their personal life coach. For more details, go to

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