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Hand in Hand and Heart-to-Heart, We Move Forward, by Phyllis Douglass

Hand in Hand and Heart-to-Heart, We Move Forward, by Phyllis Douglass

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    I could say as I write this, that it is with a heavy heart for all of the changes and chaotic circumstances that are happening in the world. The truth is, that these changes are much needed, and humanity has chosen this time to step forward and beyond old conditioning and beliefs. The dark paths and bottled feelings that have risen to the surface has served humanity in figuring out who they are, and where they are headed. Whether recognized or not, the key desire has always been to step on a path that is guided by the powerful essence of love.

We have the power of choice as we move forward from a higher perspective

    Not the “I love you” stated in moments of passion, but the “I love you” that is felt within the internal human confines, and our infinite consciousness. The unconditional love that emanates from within even in the moments of dissension and chaos, and overwrought emotions that paint a tapestry of pain and disenchantment.

    We have the power of choice as we move forward from a higher perspective. We can choose to be more authentic, compassionate, and courageous as we find our way beyond the borders, across the oceans, and across the street to hold the hand of our neighbors . . . to look within their eyes, and make the choice from the space of unconditional love, to experience life with each other and for each other.

    I see doorways opening wide as those with eyes wide open choose to walk through. To break through to the other side hand in hand, and heart-to-heart to view the horizon as ONE. Allowing the Sun to set on this day, and to rise on the dawn of a new tomorrow.

    Now is the time to recognize our collective hopes and dreams, and begin to find new and better ways to build ourselves up to be higher and brighter than ever before. It is time to acknowledge that the beauty we recognize within others, first and foremost resides within ourselves.

I wrote this the other day:

I look out at the world

Through eyes that have experienced pain and oppression

To witness the disillusionment of peace and prosperity

Throughout the resurrection of humanity

And I smile inwardly

Within a wellspring of promise as the fires burn

That the proverbial Phoenix will soon be reborn

Under the rising Sun.

    Together, we must open our eyes to envision the path that lies before us and to truly see each other, so we may rise collectively from the ashes to birth a new world.

Phyllis Douglass is a Shaman Seer Sage who serves as a catalyst—an agent that provokes or speeds significant change or action through movement, bodywork, energy, and sound.


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