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Have You Forgotten About the Matrix?

Have You Forgotten About the Matrix?

Learning to Live Life “Alive”

Shauna Kossoff is a Certified Guide with The Modern Mystery School of the Mysterium Center in Los Angeles ( Due to the stress of law school, she found her way to this path and saw the joy and wonderment it brought to her life and the lives of those around her. It even renewed her passion for law, which she still practices to this day. — Editor

One of the video testimonials on the Mysterium Center website shows a woman sharing her past mental health problems, her anorexia, OCD, depression, social anxiety, all of which she said she could mask very well. The Modern Mystery School’s Life Activation, which you also facilitate, turned things around for her. How?

SHAUNA: Most of us are walking around like zombies. We really are. Or walking around in this matrix, in a robotic state where we’re not truly alive. This work is about learning to live life “alive!” It’s about remembering who you are, tapping back into that, breaking you out of that stuck place we find ourselves. Most people are not doing what they’re here to do.

They’re not truly happy?

No, because they’re in this pattern of thinking, “I go to school, I get this degree, I go get a job, I have my 2.5 kids, I get my white picket fence….” They don’t take a second to think, “What do I actually desire to do? What are my gifts? What are my dreams? What are my goals?” This is about making you powerful enough to break the unconsciously lived pattern.

Living unconsciously can lead to masking it and hiding out?

Yes, with drinking and drugs or who knows what other addiction? It’s about breaking that.

How do you go about this?

One of the classes I work with at the Sacred Geometry Academy teaches how to use crystals to energetically bring in more light and abundance to your life. They’re also very effective for enhancing your dreams, which is called Crystal Dreaming. We incorporate crystals for healing work also. Crystals make a space more livable, more tolerable. Crystals, herbs, all of these things are about getting back to our connection with nature, to Gaia, to Earth, to the shamanic teachings we’ve forgotten.

How does Sacred Geometry figure in?

Sacred Geometry is what was here first when Spirit first created the world. Each shape actually has very specific meanings and uses to help you move through life and connect with Spirit. Being aware of it in your daily life can help remind you that you are that eternal being, you are a spirit having a physical experience. Sacred Geometry can take you back to that original blueprint. We are here to have a more amazing life, a joyful life and all of these are tools to bring us back to that space.

How has the Mystery School evolved?

The ones who started the Mystery School were original “key keepers,” of the ancient teachings: math, reading, science. And now they’re really about helping people remember their passion, to help us move into Shambhala, a world of peace, the new energy.

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