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The Healing Benefits of Psychedelic Mushrooms (Psilocybin)

The Healing Benefits of Psychedelic Mushrooms (Psilocybin)






Sel Sarkin

Although no medical claims can be made here, researchers have been reporting breakthroughs for conditions like PTSD, anxiety, multiple sclerosis, cancer using psilocybin, a hallucinogenic substance that can be obtained from certain types of mushrooms, commonly referred to as “magic mushrooms.”

Just as another plant medicine called “cannabis” has shown benefits for millions of cancer patients, more American cities are also making mushrooms legal so we don’t have to go to Peru to experience them. I talked with Sel Sarkin, a health practitioner for the last 30 years in detox programs such as colonics, vegetable juicing, meditation, exercise and Qi Gong, whose been involved with plant medicines for the last 10 years for deep inner healing release of trauma and blocked energies.

Mushrooms support the immune system. They can clear up oil spills

There’s a movie out right now called “Fantastic Fungi” which shows how crucial mushrooms are to our ecosystem, but also how the main guy in the film had a lifelong stutter he was able to remove after just one session with psychedelic mushrooms. Yes, that was a great, great story. Paul Stamets has really become a legend around the amazing versatility of mushrooms in how they support the immune system. They can clear up oil spills. They’re bringing up patents now. So many areas in technology where fungi are super beneficial.

There’s so much about the medicinal effects, but there are also emotional or spiritual effects of the psychedelics. Yeah, so, what we find over the last 50 years with pharmaceutical drugs, particularly, with antidepressants, you ask that person “How do you feel?” And in the majority of cases a person will say I’m functional. I feel kind of better, but my emotional life is extremely non-existent. In other words, I don’t feel anything. I don’t feel high or low. I’m just, in a way, out to lunch. Now, what they found, let’s say with PTSD, is the rate of suicides with those people on pharmaceutical drugs is quite high. Now, people who’ve started to use psilocybin – mushrooms – what we seeing going on is a repair of the brain chemistry. And it seems that no pharmaceutical drug has managed to really repair brain chemistry brain function so that when a person wakes up in the morning, that feeling of either I’m not really here, or I’m depressed, that feeling is gone. Now they feel enthusiastic. They feel better, that perhaps their depression is gone. I know what depression feels like.

Many Western scientists have tried to bring out drugs that simply address a physical issue. What we’re finding is that only half of the situation is addressed

As a spiritual practice, magic mushrooms are known for allowing people to let go of aspects of their life that are no longer serving their highest and best good. So that’s a very, very important conversation piece in itself, that in the West, we’ve in a sense separated the physical body from the spirit. In other words, many Western scientists have researched and tried to bring out drugs that simply address a physical issue. What we’re finding is that only half of the situation is addressed. As soon as you include the spirit of the person, the factor of healing suddenly dramatically goes up by a huge, huge amount. So when we start to include the spirit of the person around their physical healing, life gets so much easier for them. Quite often, a one or two psychedelic journeys can initiate a massive transformation and a profound healing on that person very quickly.

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