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Jerry Woods is founder and CEO of Heartspace OC, a community resource facility which serves the holistic community in a variety of meaningful ways.

It can be so hard for people to find a healer, especially if they’re new to the holistic healing world. You have an interesting solution. Tell us about the intuitive hotline. We believe that we have a way to add some integrity into the “psychic hotline” business. We have about twenty-five members available on the hotline. (Note: Go to, click a category or practitioner and call the number). The practitioners gets a sense of the person and their needs then decides whether they are the best fit. If not, they are obligated to refer the person to the team member they think would be best. They may talk to one, or three or four people before they find the right fit. All with no charge. And when they do, they can select the practitioner, and at that point pay the fee to have their private session.

We have doctors that talk about stem cell therapy, we have classes on mediumship, meditation, mindfulness –lots of choices for people. Many modalities and alternative healing are available for people to experience

There are so many classes for people to get plugged in and develop themselves. We have eighty classes a month! We have classes on mediumship, meditation, mindfulness… We have doctors that talk about stem cell therapy… many modalities and alternative healing is available for people to experience and decide what resonates with them.

We make it very easy for teachers to teach classes with little financial requirements. We are looking for shared values, intention, and commitment from teachers to do their part. We can then provide a strong mechanism to help them be successful, and we can offer the community more choices.

We’re happy to support a Sunday Agape service, that has evolved into a satellite of Agape.

Heartspace gives back to the community in important ways. Would you talk about that? We have a Holistic Healing Faire on the last Saturday of each month with discounted sessions on many types of healers, readers, and practitioners, some as low as $20 for a private session! We also have vendors that sell goods, food, handicrafts, crystals, and free lectures and demonstrations throughout the day.

What was your motivation for setting up HeartSpace OC and creating such a meaningful resource? Well, my father passed in 2007, and my daughter took me to a holistic fair at Learning Light in Anaheim. For the first time in my life I met a medium, and had an incredible message from my father. He was so excited to be able to talk to me, and it opened up my eyes to another view of how the universe works. I immediately hired the medium to come to my house to do readings for my friends and relatives. For the first time, they were exposed to mediumship – and a new paradigm shift for what’s really possible in this universe. That experience drove me to take more classes and meet more people in the metaphysical and spiritual space.

Can you tell us about the free services that you provide to veterans? Yes, I’m a veteran. We have around 20 practitioners of all types that are willing to provide free services to veterans. So many of the modalities are very effective for PTSD and other dis-eases.

Ultimately, what do you want people to know about Heartspace? We view Heartspace as a community center and school that’s a safe place for people to have community with likeminded people, to experience connection and self-growth in ways that resonate with them, and where they have lots of choices in how to make that soul journey.


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  1. 6 months ago

    Thank you for creating beautiful community, it’s super healing.