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Hold Maximum Moisture in Your Skin

With Sea Kind’s Anti-Aging Serum

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By going to the sea, Julie A. Leonhard and Ted Weiswasser, wife and husband, are dedicated to giving people the best skin products using the most sustainable practices and absorbable nutrients. —Editor

What does Sea Kind do? Sea Kind is dedicated to producing effective skin-care products from marine actives derived from algae, micronutrients and sea plant extract. The restorative power of these products is amazing due to the skin’s ability to powerfully absorb and benefit from them. All of our products are extracted for their maximum effectiveness.

What makes plants and extracts from the sea so effective for the skin? Because the water we’re made up of is identical to ocean water! Not only are we 70% water like the planet, but the chemical composition is so similar that a human transplant organ can be immersed in ocean water and kept alive until it gets where it needs to go! The ocean environment is that identical to the human environment.

Our body is that close to the ocean? Yes, this is all verified in the lab. On one hand, you have our cells growing in this environment of 70% liquid, which is identical in composition to ocean water. Then you have sea plants growing in an environment identical to our skin cells. They have the same cell-wall structure, the same protein structure, the same acid structure, the same mineral structure as our skin cells. So they become the logical natural source for us to extract these nutrients to supplement our own skin cells. We’re providing our skin cells with perfect nutrition and, with Sea Kind, at a very reasonable cost.

What actually happens to the skin when Sea Kind is used? and by increasing their production of amino acids by more than two-thirds, which results in holding more moisture in your skin. It becomes the perfect source for effective nutrients for our skin.

This isn’t new information, correct? No, there have been other highly effective products made this way that are highly regarded but they’re also highly expensive. We make these products with full potency and full concentration at an affordable price.

And everything’s completely natural? Yes, they’re all vegan, all sustainably produced and nontoxic, and we’ve been given the highest ratings by the Environment Working Group, the EWG, which is now the world standard for evaluating ingredients. None of our direct competitors can meet that challenge because they use preservatives and artificial ingredients.

I saw on your website that you give back a portion of your proceeds right off the top. Yes, because as we’re taking, we’re giving back. Two percent of our revenue directly goes to conservation and education organizations that deal with sustaining the sea.

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