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Holistic Healing: Expense or Investment?

By Donna Bond

When considering spending money, the first question we ask ourselves – be it consciously or below the surface – is, “Is this worth it?”

We think it’s normal to spend $20,000 to $90,000 on a new car, for example. On a vehicle that will take us where we need to go and, we imagine, will make us feel better about ourselves because of the aesthetics.

Yet when it comes to the restorative powers of a healing massage for the sacred temple and vehicle that houses our spirit, we somehow think $100 is a lot of money. I would offer that for many of us, our value systems are a bit out of whack and could use a second look.

In conventional medicine, we justify spending thousands of dollars on colonoscopies and mammograms for a peek at our insides but the idea of regularly investing in our own energy balancing and clearing (which I liken to taking a daily shower) to keep our bodies running at peak performance is misunderstood as an indulgence.

Is taking care of our mind, body and spirit an extravagance or the best return on our investment?

It depends: Do you value the way you feel in your body day to day?

Do you prefer to not be stuck in a loop of negativity?

Do you value having an abundance of enriching thoughts that support and sustain you?

When you feel good in your body and you have a positive outlook on life, there’s a sense of thriving. When you don’t feel good or if you find yourself in depression or anxiety often, we’re usually unhappy, regardless of what our life looks like from the outside.

So why don’t we take as much conscious care in the balance of our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health as we do with the care of our homes and our cars?

How do you shift your perspective and place yourself and your overall health and well-being at the top of your priority list?

While conventional medicine has made huge advancements in repairing the physical body, it has left the spirit out of the equation. I believe this is why so many people don’t truly heal. Don’t misunderstand, I am grateful for Western medicine and am alive today because of it. But it does not take our Whole Being into consideration. The Whole Being is inclusive of not only our physical being, but the thoughts we hold, the feelings we feel, and the connection we maintain (or deny) with the Divine.

As a breast cancer survivor, the single biggest strategy I deployed in my recovery was the act of self-love. To decide I was worth the investment in my health, I empowered myself to take a leadership position with my own wellbeing. To own that my health was my responsibility. It wasn’t the doctor’s responsibility, and my cure wasn’t going to come out of a bottle or from a pill. I opted out of chemotherapy and opted in to a holistic health plan that supported my wholeness and a lifestyle change. It has paid dividends in the cancer-free, radiant health and wellbeing I enjoy today.
I invested in me. All of me. What did I do exactly?

Physically, I got a lumpectomy and IORT to remove the tumor. Then I changed my eating habits and started walking regularly. I now drink only the best water, support myself with many incredible holistic supplements and surround myself with natural, organic products from soaps to cleaning products to foods.

I also examined and reframed my Mental programs – I reviewed my core belief systems (with help from spiritual practitioners and educating myself on reprogramming the mind) so I could now understand the stories I was running and make choices to change what didn’t support the full expression of my thriving health.

In Emotional balance, I sought healing with my inner child and cultivated self-love through Shamanic journeys and cranial sacral therapy. I also used essential oils and crystal-bowl sound-healing, all of which I heartily recommend.

Spiritually, I aligned with my energy centers – balancing my chakras through Reiki, Healing Touch and entity clearing. I discovered “Who I Truly Am” through Intuitive guidance and Soul readings. I awakened into the knowing that first and foremost I am a divine Spiritual Being having a human experience. This supported my newly discovered relationship with the Divine. And like any relationship, it blossoms through love, nurturing and cultivation.

This all didn’t happen overnight. I mention all of this to share my journey, but also to let you know what’s available. I work with some of these and frequently refer others to my clients, as their needs dictate. Everyone’s journey is different, after all.

For me, I realized I thrive when I provide support for all levels of my being, which includes a loving maintenance program (yes, we deserve to have this!) of daily meditation, Body Talk, Network Spinal Analysis and massage. It is only with the addition of holistic healing modalities that true deep healing can take place on every level.

The gratitude I feel for the incredible holistic healers who have supported me through my healing journey, is beyond words. Without the investments I made supporting my mind, body and Spirit, I’m pretty sure I’d be really sick right now, maybe even dead.

Instead, I am radiantly healthy and an ecstatically happy human being!

Are you investing in YOU? Do you think you’re worth it? Is it time to reevaluate your value system and look to where you can invest in overall health and well-being? Are you supporting your whole being, mind, body and spirit? If you are not, perhaps it’s time to shift your attention to YOU. Invest in people, practices and principles that support you and your life and overall health and well-being, in your wholeness.

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