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Off-the-Charts Care From a Holistic Registered Nurse, by Susan Macknin

Off-the-Charts Care From a Holistic Registered Nurse, by Susan Macknin

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Editor’s Note: I was fascinated to meet a holistic healer who is also a Registered Nurse, someone rooted in allopathic medical care yet knew so much more about our mind-body-spirit (holistic) connection that traditional medicine does not address. I later found out Susan Macknin is one of those excellent listeners that can hold space for you in a way that is safe, nurturing and healing while bringing in various healing modalities as needed. – Scott Ware

    At some point in our lives we are all going to look back on the impact that this year, 2020, has had on us. How do you want to remember this year? We are all experiencing trauma from multiple sources: physical, emotional, spiritual, political, financial, and relational. And from these sources, trauma can spill into other areas of life causing devastation, depression, anxiety, and untold other issues affecting all areas of your life. Trauma compounding trauma. 

    How in the world can we make it through this year? How can we get past the places where we have become stuck, complacent, fearful? How can we rebuild and renew our vision and goals, when we struggle with the simple everyday necessities? And how do we move towards the positive zone in spite of the devastations and fears we are still experiencing every day?

You only need to decide it’s time to ask for help. You don’t even need to know where you want to start

Some common issues we are experiencing during this universal crisis:

  • Uncertainty
  • Fear and fear-based decision making
  • Unrest/chaos
  • Mindset of lack and loss
  • Emotional and physical upheaval
  • Energy field depletion 

    Luckily, we have numerous healing techniques available to help us come through these traumas with zero to minimal damage. Even so, people can be so stuck or traumatized that they are not able to take that first step towards inner peace. Let’s break it down into digestible chunks.  

What can Energy Healing help with?

  • Can give you clarity
  • Help set your positive intentions 
  • Help overcome your fears
  • Calm and ease the nervous system
  • Relax your emotional and physical bodies
  • Balance the energetic system
  • Help you let go of what no longer serves you
  • Manifest from positive goals and beliefs
  • Heal physical symptoms
  • Calm the chaos in your mind, body or spirit
  • Release the traumas
  • Reframe the limiting beliefs 

    You only need to decide it’s time to ask for help. You don’t even need to know where you want to start.  For many people it seems so overwhelming to decide where to begin, when so many areas of our lives are affected. Take that first step to “get one foot out of the mud.” The rest will fall into place as the healings move through you. Before you know it, your life will take hold again.

    Depending on your story when we meet, I will make suggestions and together we will come up with a plan of care to help you become your best self. To rebuild, renew and remember. Remember why you are here, remember what you want and where you want to go this year and for your life path.  

    This year is about change, and coming back to ourselves in a new way. It’s about relearning and reclaiming our motivations. What has the turmoil and chaos of 2020 come to teach us, and how can we find resilience and take this out into our world now?  

Here are some healing options I work with:

Biofeedback: To stop reacting from a fear mindset; to build new energetic pathways to find your flow; for physical and emotional balancing; to reset the negative traumas experienced; to retrain the mind, body and spirit, to release physical or emotional pain and trauma.  

Hands-on healing: To balance the physical and emotional bodies; balance the chakras; set your intention to align with your life purpose; heal relational cords; clear energetic blocks that have taken hold in your system; calm the chaos to help reduce depression and anxiety.

Coaching: To help you move forward; to offer guidance and support as we set positive goals and action steps; to reframe the experiences and clear the blocks to reach your goals; to help you take the overwhelm out of your day and take the baby steps forward.

Systemic Constellations: Where has the love stopped flowing? What negative patterns are you repeating? Where has fear taken hold? What is its source and how can we reframe the fear to heal the trauma? How can we let go of what no longer serves us?  

Sometimes clients come to me for a specific healing modality, and other times they are open to however the healing will take place. We may utilize different techniques along the way, or even during the same session.  

Here is what a few clients had to say:

  • “Susan helped me through a lot of confusion and feeling stuck. Relationships were falling apart, and I was so tired I couldn’t figure out how to do anything. Now I’m clear and feeling better.” – Lauren
  • “I was experiencing a lot of fears and anxiety. I was afraid to do what used to be normal. I was afraid to think about how things were not normal anymore. I wasn’t working and I was feeling useless and depressed. Susan helped me find my inner spark again.” – Janet

    We’ve all heard the phrase, “Hindsight is 2020.”  What vision do you want to manifest, so that when you do look back and reflect on your life in 2020, you can list more positive accomplishments than the crises we’ve experienced?   

My Initiation into Holistic Health

    As a young adult, I didn’t know much about holistic healthcare and I certainly didn’t understand the concept of energy work. I was very science-minded and I needed to understand things in very concrete terms. I went through a couple of long-term illnesses as a child and filed them away in the back of my mind the idea that somehow, I would eventually understand what was happening, and why.  I knew my “science-mind” wasn’t giving me the answer.

    Then in my mid-thirties, I was thrust into a world of chaos and trauma that seemed hopeless, incomprehensible, and full of despair. Between multiple physical illnesses wreaking havoc on my body along with emotional stress and traumas compounding those issues, I didn’t see any way out of my situation and I certainly had no hope of ever recovering physically or emotionally. 

    All I could concentrate on was this moment. And then this moment. There was no inner peace or joy looking forward and only fear looking back. I felt broken.

    It was when I finally decided that I needed to do something that I opened my mind, my soul and my heart to the possibility that maybe something was out there that could help me. And only then did my path cross with someone who was able to point me onto the way forward. She wasn’t a healer herself, but she was just learning about holistic health and energy work and she was anxious to point me in that direction. I felt like my prayers were answered in a magical and profound way.  

    Once I found my way forward again and remembered some of my reasons for why I was here, I registered for nursing school. I was well on the way towards happiness and a renewed sense of purpose. During my nursing school years, I also began to study some of the holistic techniques that helped pull me out of my darkness. And as I began working with hospice patients, I was using some of these techniques on my patients as well as on their family members. I found that I was being referred to different families because I was able to help ease their physical as well as their emotional pain and fears as they came through the traumas they were experiencing.

One cannot just heal the physical body without looking at the emotional components that cause and are affected by physical illnesses

    For many years I did my own inner work while building my private healing practice, which I always maintained throughout my nursing career. I am blessed, and I am guided to work in both worlds, mainstream and holistic healthcare.  

    My goals continue to include building my healing practice. My passion and my purpose include providing physical and emotional healing work, in private sessions and in workshop settings. One cannot just heal the physical body without looking at the emotional components that cause and are affected by physical illnesses. Likewise, emotional traumas, trans-generational traumas, and negative patterns in one’s life can have an impact physically. I look at the whole picture and work on each level of the energy field.

    I’ve also done annual retreats while living in Florida, and I hope to continue to provide this here now that I am a California resident. My retreats are open to those with whom I have worked, and we go much deeper into the healing journey.  

    I am honored to walk this path with you, and I look forward to meeting you. Sending blessings and gratitude in this time of new awarenesses and awakenings, to a better way of being.  Love unconditionally…..

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