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Honoring the Sacred Feminine in Art

Honoring the Sacred Feminine in Art

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Radiance readers are very familiar with the soulful art of Outi Harma, who has imbued our magazine with her creatively unorthodox and boldly authentic artful aspects of the sacred feminine. In our exclusive interview with the artist, she gives us glimpses into her creative process. —Editor

Do you go into a trance when you paint, like some artists report? It’s definitely a meditation. When I come out of painting something, it’s the same thing as opening your eyes after meditation. It’s like everything is really crisp and bright and everything just pops out at you.   

Is your process spiritual? I’m not used to talking about my spirituality, but it’s a big part of my life. I also do ecstatic dance as a spiritual practice for maybe the last 30 years.

What is that? It’s a free-movement dance with five rhythms as taught by Gabrielle Roth, Flowing, Staccato, Chaos, Lyrical and Stillness. It’s like the rhythms of life.

What does it do for you? It’s expressing life through my body. It’s a way I can integrate the body and the spirit, through dance. I also meditate, and dance is very much a meditation I can go very deep into and have visuals.

What do you mean by visuals? I can go total “Stillness” on the dance floor and have lots of visuals. Often there’s a sort of form that comes—a face, perhaps—and the rest of it is a surprise to me. I have an abundance of visuals all the time. Sometimes I play with the color and it will tell me what is in it. I see something in it and I go with that.

In the middle of it, you’re surprised? Yeah. Often. If there’s a drip that happens, I often let the drip do its thing, then I go with that. I’ll then turn the canvas upside down so it has a different texture, then I play with that.

You work seems to reflect the sacred feminine. What does it mean to you? Well, I think I know the sacred in myself. And I’m feminine (laughs). So I know my own experience, I see it all around and I’m drawn to it. I recognize it everywhere and, of course, also in other women.

What do you recognize in other women? The journey that we’re all on, and the different sides of that journey. Seeing how many different characters we have inside of us. How there’s sacredness in all of them. People ask me, where did you get that Queen of Insecurity? And I say, if the insecurity is honored and loved, the more we accept and celebrate those characters inside of us, the more they can have their own Queendom.

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