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Horses are the “Dolphins of The Land”, by Kerri Lake

Horses are the “Dolphins of The Land”, by Kerri Lake

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“Why horses?” I’m asked often enough… 

Many people say that horses are “land dolphins,” and I agree. They see you… who you are, behind even what you think you are. 

The electromagnetic field of their heart expands twelve feet beyond their body. Their eyes, welcoming a connection, dissolve all doubt that they are sentient beings. 

Feel their warmth. Listen to their breath. In their presence, you can experience yourself as you may never have before. 

Breathe with them. They need nothing from you, which sets you free to experience yourself

Horses are innately social creatures. Everyone in the herd operates from a common principle – harmony among themselves and with nature. There is no thinking; only a collective conversation of senses, seasoned with experience and interactions. Like humans, they know themselves primarily in relationship to one another. Isolation generates anxiety. Among horses, safety is generated through mutual awareness and absolute candor. Humans are just beginning to see this as a possibility for themselves. 

As a species, horses intend harm to nothing. Of course, there are fights, disharmonies, communications of displeasure, fear, anxiety, and distrust. If a herd member is harmed in these interactions, it’s from explosive expression, not premeditated destruction. In other words, horses in social structures live in awareness, listening for what will help everyone succeed rather than looking for what one individual can get at the expense of another. 

For eons, humans have been controlled through fear. Isolation produces anxiety in humans just as it does in horses. Keeping people from communicating or acknowledging intuitive awareness brings them to such a state of desperation. Sometimes connection through violence may be the only way they experience connection at all. Fear of one another erodes your sense of connection with your own heart.

Nature has a different way. 

In natural systems, harmony for all is the organizing principle. The presence of horses who have the freedom to express themselves naturally offers humans the experience of social connection without the frequency of premeditated harm. Just by being themselves, horses provide humans the opportunity to experience harmony. 

Put yourself in the presence of horses. Feel yourself in the presence of horses. Breathe with them. They need nothing from you, which sets you free to experience yourself. Watch your heart energy expand through your body as you bring yourself into their presence. You can feel that. Welcome a true connection and relationship with horses and your heart will be nourished.

Horses carry a profound consciousness that will meet you at whatever level you are willing to be seen. Your connection may be telepathic, empathic, physical, intangible. Because they are terrestrial, they are easier to access than cetaceans, although their contribution on every level can be equally profound.

Show up with innocence and a childlike heart and let horses touch the little kid in you, that part that knew harmony before you were taught to think it all away.

Connection goes beyond therapy. It acknowledges your wholeness in a way that reminds you how loved you are. The horses can lead you there, but only you can rehydrate yourself with the purity of connection. This is freedom. Horses are living examples, the embodiment of freedom in an approachable, touchable, magnificently beautiful expression of sentience. 

Kerri Lake offers perspectives and guidance for individuals and groups to know their own divine presence included in the innate harmony with all of life.

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