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Sara Fancy is the proprietor of Silver Horse Retreats just outside Temecula, CA. She lives there with her herd of six horses and works with people in personal crisis to reclaim the truth of who they are while in the presence of horses. – Radiance

What can people expect when they stay at Silver Horse Retreats? First, it’s just a great place to get away from it all, let go of things that are hanging on you, the stresses and everything. Particularly people with some form of trauma we offer a unique way to work through it that’s gentle. Here, you have beautiful sunrises, sunsets, the stars. The horses are always close. You can smell them. You can hear them at night. It’s very quiet and tranquil.

These are rescue horses? Right. They’re just being with you; their days of being ridden are over. We even dance with the horse, but yeah, I’m all about working with horses on the ground.

Just tuning in and then using your body as a way to sense and receive the sensations

You teach the technique of palpating with the horses. It’s a great tool that the horses really respond to. It’s basically listening with your hands and sensing and feeling around things like people, animals, rocks. Pretty much everything has an aura field. And just tuning in and then using your body as a way to sense and receive the sensations… you start dropping in and then you’re listening. They want to be listened to. It’s a really wonderful way to connect.

I’m wondering if horses in general are energy healers, or if yours are more so because of the work you do with people? Yes, and it takes time, though, like one horse I spent two years rehabilitating before she was ready and when she did, wow. It was such a moment for me to watch her with this lady. She comes over and stands with a lady for 15 minutes, really empowering this woman to stand in her power.

You also allow people to come train with you and you mentor them. I train mentees on my program, teaching them to drop into your body: what do you sense? How do you feel? And that’s when the information starts coming in and then the horses just add to it.

Can people come up for just a day? Yes, I start with private sessions which is half a day and I also do remote sessions which obviously is not with the horses but I’m doing the family constellation work. I’m using everything I learned from the horses, as far as sensing what healing is needed. We also have a half a 24-hour crisis unplug where you give me your phone and go meditate with the horses.

We do some work, then we have some great food or we can even do a cleanse with people if they want to do that in 24 hours. That’s usually good for people that don’t have a lot of time.

To book a retreat or learn about the Horse Constellation Program, go to or

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