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How Devin Lockett Reversed His Son’s Autism

Then Made Sure the Technology Is Available to All

child blossom.

Are you writing a book about this? I am, for sure.

Devin invites you to visit, call 424-204-2382 or listen to his Sunday radio show at noon on AM590 or go to to hear archives. If you’re a holistic practitioner in the Upland area and would like to join the Holistic Chamber of Commerce, please call Devin at 424-204-2382

Devin Lockett is a father, entrepreneur, artist, holistic health practitioner and healthcare technology authority. He runs BiomedRx Health Center in Upland, Calif., and provides a free weekly fair on Sundays to all who want to sample the modalities he provides. He is also the president of the Upland chapter of the Holistic Chamber of Commerce.

What do you do at your wellness center? We provide holistic health services. We do neurofeedback, which is EEG biofeedback, biomagnetic paratherapy, cranial electro stimulation (CES), binaural beats and chromatherapy, and we’re expanding into hyperbaric oxygen therapy and electromagnetic field therapy.

What’s your background? Biomedical engineering. I went into the United States Air Force in 1983 where I started as a Russian linguist and then I became a biomedical equipment technician. I’d been fixing and calibrating medical equipment for 20 years or so when my youngest son, Kai, was born. After he was given the MMR vaccine, he became autistic. He lost any gains in speech he had achieved at that point.

You must have been shocked to get an autism diagnosis for your two-year old son. I was, and that began an intense search for treatment that could help him. We tried a lot of modalities but only one thing helped.

Helped his autism? Yes, it actually reversed Kai’s autism completely. Neurofeedback therapy was something we stumbled on and, all of a sudden, Kai was making eye contact. I had to literally wrestle him onto the chair in order for them to put the probes onto his head, but I’m glad I did because it was the beginning of a complete change and a new life for him. He hadn’t made eye contact since he was diagnosed at two and now, at the age of six, he was making eye contact!

It’s no wonder you wanted to learn about this incredible machine. Absolutely. I immediately tried my luck to see if I could qualify to get the training from the EEG Institute in Woodland Hills.

Right then you made the decision to do this for the world. I didn’t want to do it for the world just yet.

I like your honesty. Yeah, I did it for Kai. I bought the kit, which was $7000. I went through the training, another $12,000. At the same time, I did it for myself. Because I didn’t want to hurt him, I used the equipment on me so I’d know how he felt and exactly what he was experiencing. Every single treatment I gave him, I gave myself. Treatment for treatment, and it’s still that way.

You’re enjoying it now. I am! I hook myself up every morning, right? Neurofeedback every day. I learned you don’t have to have a dire need to benefit from neurofeedback therapy.

How do you benefit? You can end the addiction to anything.

Anything? Anything, substance or not. You also notice an improvement in the quality of your sleep. Then focus, concentration, mental stamina—you can work and stay awake for as long as you want. After a while, you start noticing subtle improvements like my attitude is better, I’m getting along better with people. When your sleep is improved, that alone will have a lot of benefits. The quality of your life is improved. You also get rid of a lot of the internal chatter. You get rid of self-doubt. You can actually get rid of procrastination if you train in the right place of the brain. You can stop teeth-grinding.
When did you decide to help other people? When I saw what it did for my son! And I saw how effective it was for me. Not only can we free other people’s children from the autism spectrum, but this is also good as an elective treatment for people who want to be at peak performance. But honestly, my son right now is bringing home awards from school. I have to tell people he was ever on the autism spectrum! Most people wonder what son I’m talking about, like I must have another son with autism somewhere, because it couldn’t be Kai.

How does he feel about it? Does Kai know? Oh yes, he knows very well.

Does he ever hit a wall now or discover limitations from having had autism? Not at all. He’s 10-years-old and already editing videos in Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premier and putting his videos on YouTube.

What does he know or remember? He definitely remembers being on the spectrum, especially times where it was hard to communicate, where he was frustrated that he couldn’t express himself. And cognitively, he remembers being frustrated at not being able to do well in school.

For these reasons, I encourage parents to intervene early. You don’t have to sit on this diagnosis. There are things you can do whether they come to me or anyone else. I have charted a course for parents that involves this therapy and I also guide them to make sure they give their child the “childhood experience.” Don’t hold back because they have autism. Let them be a kid in every sense of the word. Get the season tickets to Knott’s Berry Farm, Universal Studios, Disneyland. Don’t think because you have a “special needs” child that you have to lock them up in the closet. They want to enjoy the things all the other kids are enjoying. They need that. You have to allow their blossoming and developing soul to come out without worrying about how you look to the outside world. It will fill your heart to see your child blossom.

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