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How I Manifested a Spiritual Love Relationship By Tina Ghahramani-Singh

How I Manifested a Spiritual Love Relationship By Tina Ghahramani-Singh

If I manifest a soulmate, so can you.

So I was the single woo-woo girl who loved working with angel cards, talking about “Spirit” and “feeling energy.”

This meant that most single guys thought I was weird or headstrong. They were intimidated by my personality and spiritual gifts.

I longed for someone who would understand my deep spirituality and love for God. In my heart, I knew this partner was out there, and I prayed for him to show up for many years.

I took a few manifesting classes on attracting your soul mate or twin-flame and I decided to commit to putting all the tips I learned into action.

This was what I did: I wrote down everything I wanted in a spiritual soul mate and meditated morning and night on how it FELT to have him already in my life. Then, I actually connected with his energy daily – because I knew he was out there – and felt the love between us as if it was already present in my life.

If you’re manifesting correctly, you know that the love is already present in your life.

Then one day, about nine months of soulmate-meditating later, I heard a voice in my head (my higher self) say: “Go into the school bookstore right now.”

I thought it was ridiculous because I didn’t have any reason to go in there. As I resisted, the voice got louder and said to trust the process. The few times I’d heeded the voice before hadn’t disappointed me, so I entered the bookstore.

Inside was Mukunda, a friend I’d always had a fondness for. I met him at acupuncture school and never thought he had any interest in me other than friendship, but I suddenly got that “butterflies in the stomach” feeling when I saw him and bolted in the other direction so he wouldn’t see me.

But “somehow” my backpack got stuck in the door behind me and flung me right into him. It was so embarrassing! But that encounter lead to us hanging out as friends, which blossomed into a spiritual romantic relationship between two soul mates who both loved God and each other.


In my experience, finding a real spiritual relationship CAN exist-only if you BELIEVE it does for you. I believe my relationship with Mukunda is strongly built on the foundation of God and Spirit. We hold lots of love and unconditional space for each other to grow. That’s what makes it such a deep spiritual connection as best friends, soul mates, lovers and business partners.

Your love story begins with being honest with who you are and then embracing and honoring that sacred part of yourself… it will then manifest into a divine relationship with your soulmate. Never stop believing in your own spiritual love story!  

All my Love,


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