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By Leslie Dotson

I’m going to tell you the secret right from the start about how to become a conscious eater: notice the thoughts about the foods you’re about to order or prepare. Chances are they’ve also created emotions around your eating habits that once examined, can be controlled with very little effort.

That’s it! Put your attention on your “food-thinking” before you put it in your mouth and your life will change forever.

I realized this deceptively simple (although I didn’t say easy—it takes practice!) solution when I had a severe case of GERD (Gastroesophageal reflux disease). It caused extreme pain and discomfort, so I was forced to learn to control my food intake just to live a normal a life. Here’s what I learned: control comes easier when I realized I had certain thoughts attached to food that I could simple “detach” from.

And you can too.

Once we realize that we can control our thinking, it becomes easier to eat the best foods at the best times and the best amounts.

So why are we not fully Conscious when it comes to eating? I think people are somewhat conscious and at some point of when the food is ordered/prepared and on the plate, and then traveling to the mouth, there is a breakdown or lack of control of what is good for our bodies.

As we get older and our metabolisms slow down, the fat starts to pile on inch by inch if we do not watch our portions of food, time of eating those foods and what kinds of foods we are eating. I frequently share a meal with my wife at restaurants, for instance.

We also have to be active in our lives with proper exercise, movement in our bodies, like Yoga, Cardio weights, biking, walking, skating, surfing, dancing, etc. Whatever is appropriate enjoyable to you is essential in keeping a conscious mind.

Sometimes you literally have to question yourself before placing the food in your mouth or ordering/preparing:

  • I do not need to eat this much, I am satisfied with half of the plate
  • This food is going to break my diet cycle and I want to keep to my exercise program
  • I just have to say no, even if a little more
  • I know it is good, but I do not have to eat it or order it
  • Simply, I really do not need it!

Create this new habit of Consciousness BEFORE EATING and you will get good results toward your goals. Most important your will cultivate a feeling of wellness in your mind, body and soul.

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