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How to Rock Your Holistic Business

How to Rock Your Holistic Business

The Single Key to Attracting Clients

Wendy L. Yost combines spiritual and practical principles to help people generate desired results. For excerpts from two related workshops, A Different Take on Marketing Your Holistic Practice and Courageous Conversations Around Money for Small Business Owners, visit: and for details about Intuitive Coaching or upcoming events in Los Angeles, including her monthly Co-Ed Moon Circle Gatherings, visit or call or (818) 660-MORE.

As a university professor who teaches classes in Leadership, Marketing, Entrepreneurialism, Event Planning and Customer Service, I am exposed to many holistic practitioners and in awe of the power and passion with which they want to make a difference in the world.

I also see the biggest reason many are not succeeding: it’s in the way they talk about what they do.

The practitioner will frequently lean on their certifications and acronyms, unintentionally overwhelming the person with the details of their practice the names of their teachers they trained under.

Not only is this not motivating, but it ends up undervaluing their offerings.

Fortunately, it’s entirely reversible. Over the last decade, I’ve coached many clients through this very issue while they made the big move from side hobby to a revenue-generating business. I invite you grab a piece of paper and make two lists:


  • Ten Magical Memories from Being Engaged in the Work I Do
  • Ten Great Things About Getting to Do the Work I Do


You’ll already feel something shift by completing the lists. Next, take a few moments and imagine sharing the value you provide through the stories you recount. See it play in your mind.

They can feel the joy for themselves through the other person’s perspective and in the way you’re expressing it! All during a conversation that feels—and is—completely authentic and natural.

I encourage you to experiment with this approach with a trusted friend. You might open with something like, “I am trying to come up with a good way to explain what I do to others who might not be familiar with my products/services. Can I share what I am thinking of and have you tell me what you liked and what you’re left wanting more of?”


Don’t worry about saying it perfectly—just share the experience and see what they offer in response–then repeat the process with others, folding in useful feedback as you go. Eventually, greater ease will accompany sharing your products/services with others.  And, people are far more likely to pass along your passion for helping people and your stories than they are your credentials.

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