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Cristina Mercado is the co-creator of Waking Universe, a metaphysical center filled with crystals from all over the world, a place to expand upon one’s understanding of their human experience through healing workshops and intuitive readings. It is also a film production studio creating uplifting content and online classes. Cristina is a psychic intuitive who helps others heal and reconnect to unconditional love. –Radiance

Cristina can be contacted at 909-286-5141 or visit
Waking Universe is at 1551 W 13th St, Suite 108, Upland, 91786.

Cristina, how do you define wellness?

I consider wellness an alignment with truth. So if my truth is that I Am a healthy, happy, human being, then wellness begins within my willingness to choose.

I think it’s great that your store is called “Waking Universe, I Am Another Version of You.”

It grew from the realization we’re each a unique Universe, a fractal of all that is, each awakening to our sense of that. When we know that truth, we develop empathy for “the other,” because anyone, anything, is just another part of you. Even the damaged parts, the hurt, the loss, the ugly parts we see “out there,” when we realize there’s no separation, we stop being a victim. We take full responsibility for our creations, even while knowing we are all works in progress. We find compassion and unconditional love in that place.

What do you want people to know about what you do and what you offer?

My son passed 4 years ago, and that started my journey with this work. He was 19 and disabled and I was determined to reconnect with him or die trying. My grief opened me to connection with spirit. I was lucky to have great friends and teachers, both seen and unseen, to help me through that opening process and to find self-love. Now, my son helps guide my intuitive work so I can act as a companion for others through their healing process, whatever it looks like. In my intuitive work I help others through the passage of where they are in their life, without judgement. Some people are going into new relationships, some are in a relationship that they want to end, some are looking for new work, some have ailments. Depending on where they are, the information is different, but healing always starts with our ability to connect to unconditional self-love and in releasing judgement.

You teach unconditional love. How do you define that?

There is always a choice between fear and love. Unconditional love releases the blame and judgement that comes from fear of loss of love, opening to peace and healing through forgiveness and gratitude.

What would you like to leave others thinking about visiting Waking Universe?

I asked a few of my clients over the last week, “What is it I do for them?” One’s answer, she’s really sweet, said, “You took my life and helped me see it from a different perspective.” Each brush stroke here, each piece of paper that’s on the wall, each handpicked crystal, was put here with a deep love and respect for this space and the people who enter it. I just know that people keep coming back and they’re excited. They come here and want to participate in the space and the activities that go on here.

It’s empowering, for me too. In life, we’re all tested, and as we claim our own power, we have the ability to choose what we really want in life, for our best life.

Cristina can be contacted at 909-286-5141 or visit
Waking Universe is at 1551 W 13th St, Suite 108, Upland, 91786.

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