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Are You Using Your I AM Super Power? By Gina Kegel

Are You Using Your I AM Super Power? By Gina Kegel

Gina Kegel
Associate Editor, Radiance Multi-dimensional Media

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    The single most powerful statement you can make to transform your experience – for better or for worse – is “I Am.” 

    This simple phrase – and whatever you put after it, like “worthy,” “unworthy,” “powerful,” “helpless,” “loved,” “unlovable” – defines who you are to the world. 

    Are you using it to your best and highest good?    

    “I Am” is a definition no one can put on you; you put it on yourself. It is a superpower. Whether you believe in the metaphysical understanding of energy, or you prefer the activities of the subconscious mind, the magnitude of I AM can be expanded by any of us.

    Jesus called himself the I AM for a reason. 

    It helps to know we have an “I Am Center” in our body, the solar plexus chakra, which is the center of self-knowledge and personal power. Your subconscious mind, your energy body, and the Universe are always listening to what you say and what you think. When you make definitive statements, consciously and unconsciously, especially if they begin with the words, “I am,” they accept them as true. 

   How Do You Use Your Superpower?

    We go around using I AM willy-nilly, tossing this powerful phrase out and convincing ourselves subconsciously of the veracity of the statement without consciousness. Make a list of your I AMs, the phrases you use without thought.

    Here are a few of my own I AMs:

  • I am never on time.
  • I am bad at math.
  • I am too busy to exercise.
  • I am not as progressed as I should be.

    Take Your Power Back

    The good news is, now that you have the awareness, you can take your power back. Try this: Once you have made your list of statements, make a second list reframing those disempowering statements with ones that empower:

  • I am never on time – I AM working on improving my time management skills. I AM valuing the time of myself and others. I AM in the flow and on time for everything.
  • I am bad at math – I AM gifted and skilled in a variety of ways, which I love. I AM comfortable with not excelling in everything. I AM open to receiving math gifts I may have been closed off to before. I AM open to releasing any blocks that have not served me. 
  • I am too busy to exercise – I AM in control of my schedule and experience. I AM claiming time to support my health through exercise. I AM mind-body-spirit. I AM health, the truest wealth. I AM love for my body and all things. I AM open to doing exercises I find fun!
  • I am not as progressed as I should be – I am moving consistently forward into my fullness at the speed that is in alignment with my highest good. I AM perfect. I AM wonderful. I AM open to receiving what the Universe knows is the right time for me to receive it. 

    Make your new I AM statements your daily affirmations. Write them out by hand, say them out loud – – and watch your world shift. Hold open the awareness for other I AM statements and reframe them as they come up.

    Now that you have the awareness and the tools – will you use them? I AM!

Gina Kegel jumpstarts and supercharges healing through Energy Healing Transformation Coaching sessions, which include current, past life and ancestral trauma, and self-love assignments to fuel profound change for lifelong evolution. She identifies and releases specific trapped emotions that adversely affect physical, emotional, and energetic wellbeing. Find Gina at, on, and on Instagram @ginakegel.

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