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If Your Pets Could Talk, Here’s What They’d Say

If Your Pets Could Talk, Here’s What They’d Say

Two Things Your Pets Want You to Know by Kara of Pet’s Eye

I talk to hundreds of animals a year. These are the two most important things they want you to know:

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At her owner’s counseling practice, Chihuahua Andi acts as an ambassador to the patients—and behaves calmly. At home, however, there is no structure and, as a natural “beta” dog who doesn’t really want to be in charge, Andi becomes whiny, anxious and barky in order to control a home that has no rules.

Dogs, cats and horses need solid jobs. Dogs need training and a routine. If not, they’ll choose their own rules, which can get disastrous.

Owners often ruin a pet by being overly affectionate, talking in baby voices and smothering them. In the animal world, this fawning behavior tells your pet he is your leader. Make them work for those strokes, the treats and then reward them with affection.

“Love me for me.”

We all have a mental image of the ideal cat, dog, horse or bird we want and didn’t get. Whether it’s the dog we bought for agility, who hates it and we’re disappointed, or the goofball cat who gets stuck behind the fridge more than once, we must learn to love the soul they are. I admit to getting annoyed at my cats, who prefer very little petting, because I like affection. But I know they love me. They’re just not “huggers” and that is my problem, not theirs.

Start loving that animal exactly where she is and she will open up. One month after you accept your aloof Russian Blue, she’ll be sleeping at the corner of the bed she once avoided. When you finally decide to keep that terribly abused Akita mix and stop whining about why he shakes after you’ve treated him so well, the day he stops shaking will come sooner.

Most importantly, don’t expect your second pet to live up to the first. The second house-pet often feels inferior. This can even happen in a home where one dog or cat passed away and another was adopted. When animals feel compared, it creates anxiety. Giving each pet a different job, sending them images of great behavior and positively affirming their pawesomeness will reward you handsomely.

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