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Kerri Lake

Generation Of Harmony

Did you notice among the chaos how many were suddenly kinder, more aware of others, more compassionate with themselves and one another? Did you notice how many people have lived and thrived through the changes in their routines? 

After this pandemic of fear and control subsides, many people will resume their familiar patterns, their “normal” before a change was forced into the routine. Many will go back to the rush of time and domination of schedule. 

Whatever direction people scatter when the perception of a shackled life dissolves, the real question is: who are you on the other side of this collective shift in awareness? 

What are your priorities now that you may have glimpsed a different way for humanity to be? Dolphins returned to Italy’s waterways in one month of less human activity. China’s air pollution all but evaporated, and new legislation was passed outlawing the consumption of wild animals, dogs, and cats. 

Routines and comforts provide the illusion that everything is handled, that there is always a safety net. Operating from a paradigm of duality and separation, humanity requires a profound disruption in “life as is” to begin to notice the need for systemic change, to notice the presence of a safety net. The real safety in life begins to reveal itself when “normal” gets rocked to the point of rolling over. 

You have been sold the opportunity to fear your death; you have been sold the opportunity to fear your life

Safety is what we call a state of being that can address potential outcomes with a grounded flexibility. Safe is the state of being that knows there is nowhere to fall, buoyant on the rolling waves of divine intelligence, divine grace. 

You have been sold the opportunity to fear your death; you have been sold the opportunity to fear your life. The wisdom available in that manufactured paradox doesn’t come in words really. It isn’t seven steps to recover from a pandemic. The wisdom of how to integrate the chaotic energy of collective fear is felt – it is the feeling you get when you sit on the floor with a puppy. It is the presence you feel with your back pressed up against a redwood tree. Wisdom is within you, relaxing you when you hug your beloved and your kids remind you how to play.

You are Creator Incarnate.

The question to you as humanity emerges from a collective state of emergency is, will you go back to your familiar “normal” or will you perhaps operate in a greater consideration of all of life? 

Is a predictable experience still a high priority? Or are you open to continue the unfamiliarity of caring for one another on a global scale?  

You are Creator Incarnate. Your willingness to feel your Self, your response to the abundance of options offered to you is the movement of Creation. It is your awareness of what works for you, a beacon of life, that tunes the universe to provide what works for you. “As You Wish” is the perpetual response of a benevolent universe.

Integrating the knowledge, wisdom, and experience of a global event propagated through fear asks you to operate with a profound simplicity. Even as life returns to something more familiar, you have the opportunity to kindly remain aware of how well you adjusted to change. Honor yourself for your resilience. Recognize your global family for moving together with a greater global compassion than has ever been known. 

Thanks to the human response to this pandemic, there is now evidence that humanity can function in less pollution, greater awareness, communication, and cooperation. There is now, literally, more fresh air for life. You can choose it. 

When you choose to stop choosing something other than what truly works for you, you generate the movement that can benefit everyone, all of life. You generate harmony.

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