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By Toby Gant

I take great joy in my work as a spiritual life coach. My clients fascinate me with the unique gifts and soul desires they bring to the world. The most common question I am asked is “What is my life purpose?” It is such a simple question with multiple answers. I usually start by reminding people that we don’t have one purpose: we have many. Some purposes are only for a season, while others may last a lifetime.

Tuning in to Intuition

For over a year, during meditation, I repeatedly heard the phrase “the answers lie within.” I struggled to understand this. I eventually realized that I had been looking externally for guidance and affirmation. The phrase was a reminder that we have access to infinite wisdom, guidance, creativity, love, etc. from within, via the chakra system.

I especially love helping clients become aware of their own intuitive guidance. For some, it comes as signs and synchronicities. For others, it is the irresistible urge to take a specific action. Intriguingly, many who come to me doubting their intuitive abilities recount vivid pictures and visions experienced during guided meditation. Once we find even brief, momentary stillness, guidance can flow with greater ease.

Interpreting Intuition

For those prone to third eye visions, I liken it to remembering the details of a vivid dream, which can also be quite intuitive. It is easy to forget or ignore a dream or vision. Yet, if we pause to reflect, we may become aware of embedded symbolism and guidance. I also find it helpful to discuss our personal intuitive experiences with wise friends or spiritual advisors. They can help us sift through hidden meanings.

Once, during a session with a client, I saw a vision of her walking the streets of Manhattan. I shared this vision as symbolic of a potential move there. Upon leaving our session she texted me a screenshot of the Manhattan skyline: the very first photo that popped up in her social media feed after our session. Within months she followed a series of other signs and moved from London to Manhattan. Her life purposes have since magnified exponentially.

Recording our intuitive insights is also vital. This helps us take the spiritual guidance we receive and convert it into applicable wisdom. Recording can take many forms, i.e. journaling, voice memos, or even planning action steps on our calendars (I often do this to hold myself accountable).

Five Steps to Intuit Your Soul Path

  1. Practice stillness daily, even if it must be brief
  2. Observe your free flow of strong feelings, images, signs, synchronicities, etc.
  3. Reflect and record significant bits of information
  4. Discuss and process with a trusted friend or spiritual advisor
  5. Act upon your intuitive wisdom

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