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Is Your Life A Rerun?

Is Your Life A Rerun?

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Donna Bond, MA, is a graduate of the University of Santa Monica where she earned her master’s degree in Spiritual Psychology with an emphasis in consciousness, health and healing. Her work as a professional life coach, transformation consultant and inspirational speaker centers on serving individual transformation of consciousness. Contact Donna at: 949-573-7708

We know that some things will continue to happen: you’re going to keep breathing, your heart will beat another 42 million times or so, and another year will tick by. Those are reliable and, mostly, desirable reruns.

For a lot of people sleepwalking through life, this is all they count on.

But what if you could choose to not hit the replay button, doing things in the same, old unfulfilling way?

What if you could take an active role in designing a life you love?

We all know life is supposed to be about joy, fulfillment and happiness. Period! But a voice inside of us insists on coming up with reasons not to pursue them wholeheartedly, and, more often than not, we listen to that voice.

I invite you to consider the idea that life is supposed to be fun!

It took me half my life to figure that out. If I’m honest with myself, every year was a rerun of the year before. Working 10 hours a day, bringing someone else’s vision to life (when I knew deep down there was a vision I wanted to bring alive). Weekends were spent recovering. Monday would come and I’d hit the replay button again.

But at the age of 44, something happened. I woke up with the sobering thought: “Holy crap, this is the age my father was when he died.” That thought hit me like a lightning bolt.

My father spent his life working, and taught me that life was about hard work and sacrifice. For a long time, I believed him.

Then I realized it wasn’t. At least not for me.

While I deeply revere my father, I realized that my “limited, patterned thinking” was running my life. One of my mentors, Mary Morrissey, says, “What you trade your time for, you trade your life for.” This is a powerful idea that didn’t fully register for me until that sobering moment.

Now my days are filled with an aliveness and purpose I couldn’t even conceive of back then. It wasn’t until I started taking one step at a time in my journey, instead of staying flat-footed, that I finally got in the flow of life. I want that for you too.

What would you love to experience? Are you caught in a loop of reruns? I remind you—you are a creator. When you intentionally partner with the universe, anything is possible. Awaken within you the idea that you are here to birth the authentic YOU. You have unlimited potential to be a greater (and the true) version of yourself.

Let’s remove the blocks and get on with the life that’s been waiting for you.

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