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Wendy L. Yost is an educator at heart who is passionate about helping people learn to listen to and lead their lives by realigning time, energy and attention toward what matters most. Her Summer Academy blends best practices from the university leadership course she has taught 37 times over the last decade and includes the life-changing principles, distinctions and assignments that have benefited more than 5,000 former students and clients. For details on The Academy, Intuitive Coaching or her monthly Co-Ed Moon Circle Gatherings, please visit or call (818) 660-MORE.

An impactful twist on an ancient teaching

by Wendy L. Yost

It came to pass.

Several years ago, these four, short words came to mean a great deal to me and they’ve held that meaning ever since. I was in the midst of what seemed at the time a significant trial—things were not going as I had hoped they would on an important project. I confided in my minister, Rev. Brent Fletcher, and, in his wonderful Southern accent, he kindly shared, “It came to pass.”

While I knew he was trying to assist me, his softly spoken words offered little relief. He repeated the words again, “It came to pass.”  Still no relief, just a vague recollection of the phrase being referenced throughout the Bible and a sense of confusion mixed with a touch of growing frustration.

Ever one to stick with a message until it’s deeply heard and understood, Rev. Brent tried again. This time, his inflection was slightly different. “It came to pass.” This time I heard what was being offered differently and was instantly awash with relief and insight.

The insight not only quieted the current chaos but also lent perspective to other perceived challenges I had previously experienced. As if with his words and the loving intention behind them, he somehow reshuffled time and made right long-ago situations and incidents I had misinterpreted.

If the distinction offered remains unclear, try saying each of the phrases below as emphasized, aloud and slowly:

[It] came to pass.

[It came] to pass.

It came [to pass].

As my eyes filled with tears of truth from realizing the shift in emphasis that he was making, Rev. Brent added with a smile, “It didn’t come to stay.”

I exhaled a deep sigh of relief with a sense that whatever “it” was, it came with a purpose and brought with it lessons to assist me on my spiritual journey. A whole new way of relating to events, particularly those that appeared as difficulties, opened up and now took on new meaning and purpose.

Yet at the same time, all of the good I’d experienced to date also took on new meaning as it, too, came to pass. This realization left me very aware of the present moment and the many gifts each present moment brings if we are open to it.

Regardless of whether moments are wrapped in trials or joys, God/Spirit/the Angels/the Universe/All That Is is with us, always. Our task then becomes allowing life to flow through us instead of resisting what is happening and choosing to trust the purpose yet to unfold and arise from the experiences we’re given—for, as I realized, neither will be with us for long.


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