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The Journey to Becoming ONE, by Phyllis Douglass

The Journey to Becoming ONE, by Phyllis Douglass

Preorders for Phyllis’ book, including a signed copy, the book in audio, and a frameable power symbol are available at:

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PHYLLIS DOUGLASS (Vox Angelus) weaves 20+ years of experience in alternative healing, instrumental and vocal music, and the Toltec Arts of Shamanism and Magick to create integrated sessions that empower, revitalize, and transform lives. Her work is about SETTING PEOPLE FREE through Touch and Sound Activation. 

The world is in a state of change and evolution as we embark upon this new year and new decade. With humanity reawakening with acknowledgement of our divinity, we have come to understand that we each have the power to recreate our lives, alter the trajectory of past choices, and influence the external world through our actions. As we look out upon the changing world, our old beliefs are being shattered as new truths and information surface, and something suddenly shifts. We become aware just as suddenly that we are not feeling the same about our lives or the direction we are heading. We feel a calling or a pull in a different, and sometimes unrecognizable direction. And that pull from the familiar toward the unknown can be disconcerting, scary, and uncomfortable.

We find ourselves standing on the precipice between then and now, preparing ourselves to leap into the unknown, because the known no longer satisfies our curiosity and passion for living. As we teeter on the edge between fear and anticipation, our intuition tells us to jump. To take a leap of faith.

Our mind tells us to step back from the edge because we have become comfortable with familiarity, and fearful of the unknown. However, when we can view the unknown as something that is actually created within this very moment, then it is in truth, knowable. This present moment reflects our future, until we choose to make a change that alters our trajectory.

It’s time to surrender to the urging of our divine essence to take flight, and create our lives as a beautiful work of expressive art!

Phyliss Douglass laughs and plays a ceremonial hand drum

The Artist is led intuitively forward, guided by an inner vision of what the completed work is to look like. Choosing the medium that best suits their vision, their deeper insights, feelings and emotions help to mold, build, carve, draw, or paint their inner vision into manifestation.

This is essentially the same process we must go through when we find ourselves on a precipice of change and evolution, within our own lives and the surrounding world. We must follow our excitement and envision what we desire our future to look like as we take the leap.

The Angels requested my assistance in creating a book to assist humanity’s process of awakening to the truth of our divinity and purpose. It began in multiple fits and starts because of my own discomfort of “not knowing” how to begin writing a book, when I had no understanding or awareness of its contents. When I was given a title, descriptive tagline, and an image for inspiration (from the Angels), I was able to surrender to the creative process and the book began to flow through me as an intricate weaving of tendrils of light, containing the vibratory frequencies and sacred symbology inherent to the Angelical Adamic Language of God.

The creation of each page was an individuated process of birthing something new and unrealized into the world. Each day that my attention was drawn to what has become a magical and sacred artifact, the interaction nurtured me in remarkable ways.

It’s time to surrender to the urging of our divine essence to take flight, and create our lives as a beautiful work of expressive art.

It was a voyage through internalized layers of untruths to the sweet remembrance of Who and What I Am.

My ability to create this book required complete surrender to the will of God and the ability to detach from everything I thought I knew and believed about myself and the world.

This level of detachment left me feeling empty for a time. Even lonely. There was nothing remaining to latch onto when, for all intents and purposes, my identity was erased. It took time to realize that the identifying markers I’d created throughout my chosen life experiences, such as child, daughter, victim, and friend, were just that – a way to highlight aspects of my life for future remembrance, just like I would a school textbook when studying for an exam. I needed to remember the “right” answers so I knew who I was, could prove who I was to others, or could hide behind names, titles, preconceived notions and conditioning, to keep me from becoming acquainted with my true nature.

This is an example of the spiritual renaissance that is underway, as humanity’s true divine nature of being is gradually revealed. As we undergo our process of remembrance, renewal and rebirth, we must confront and relinquish old and outdated beliefs, influences, and past conditioning that is no longer in alignment.
A life will be heralded as one of the greatest and most celebrated works of art, when throughout its creation, your actions positively influence both your own life and the lives of others.

Archangel Michael shared the following testimony:

“It has not been without trial and tribulation that this book has come into being on the border of a new decade, that will reflect great change upon humanity as the time progresses into the new year and beyond. This very moment is a mirror reflection of the future that can and will be influenced by the surfacing of new truths, understandings, decisions, thoughts, and each individual’s subsequent actions. Each choice does not only affect the individual having the interaction with self or bearing witness to things occurring outside of the perimeter of your physical instrument and likeness. It affects all things that exist on the level of bio and quantum energetics throughout and beyond what is seen and felt and heard, to the borderlands of accessibility in physical form and the boundless essence of your true form in Light. We have foretold, that this book now held within your hands is an artifact most sacred. It is encoded in Light containing accessible frequencies and information to assist, guide, and transform as you willfully choose. The possibilities are only limited by your own mind and willingness to accept the level of creativity that is available to you.”

You may take advantage of a very special and limited presale of my book, “ONE – A Journey to a New Way of Being” An Angelical Map for Humankind, and become one of the first quantum light voyagers!

This sacred artifact serves as a multidimensional gateway to higher knowledge and understanding, and an access point to self-discovery and realization of truth, path and purpose. One page at a time, this ultimate voyage can be thought of as a process of spiritual initiation, bringing you into resonance and alignment with your destiny through divine frequency, symbology and Light.

Preorders include a signed copy of the book, the download link for a corresponding audiobook reading by the Angels, and a beautiful and specially designed Angelic Symbol of Power appropriate for framing. To order go to:


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