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Brad and Kasey Wallace

Find Brad and Kasey, with Julius ever present, at or get Xpnsion Network on Amazon Fire TV Stick and Roku.

“I like Abraham-Hicks, but Julius was different because the collective of ascended masters who make him up had lived on the Earth.”

    I think Hollywood hasn’t made a love story about them because audiences wouldn’t believe so many miracles could happen to one couple.

    Kasey and Brad look like average people, but take a look under the hood:

    He was in a car accident that gave him a brain injury. After a mishap with meds, he went into a coma where he might have stayed if it weren’t for a special meeting with a divine entity in that realm.

    The entity called itself Julius and was extremely loving and wise. After some discussion about whether Brad would come back at all, Brad asked if the entity named Julius would come too.

    Julius did, but in an unexpected way.

    Kasey started channeling Julius.

    I know, same old love story. 

“What is SOURCE doing? It is experiencing. What is experiencing? It’s being. All of SOURCE’S actions are its gainful experience of its being.”

    Since then, Kasey, with the help Julius, has taught 400 classes live and online, which they continue to do from their home in Southern Utah.

    They are also a major force for allowing spiritual, metaphysical and holistic practitioners get their message out to thousands of people through their own personal TV network called Xpnsion Network, which can be found on Amazon (37 million active users) and Roku (30 million active accounts). It started out as a way to get Julius’s teachings out, but Julius “himself” nudged them to expand the enterprise to even more people to help heal the world. 

“You are the light-created being that created all that there is. There is nothing that separates you from SOURCE. There is only the journey that you choose to take.” – Julius

    I personally received a reading from Julius and was blown away. In fact, I was done after about 12 minutes, even though it was a 30-minute reading: I had been given so much information in such a short time, I was ready to get started on some of those changes right away that Julius wisely illuminated for me. 

“A lot of people’s doings are not expressions of their own beingness. A lot of people do for other people’s intentions and ideas and beingness, which we might call blind actions.”

    Who You Are Being – The Teachings of Julius is the latest book by Brad and Kasey, and it’s an extraordinary look at intention and consciousness that empowers you and reminds you that you are Source, experiencing this life. It can be found at, along with a list of classes given by Brad and Kasey, with Julius ever present. Go to or get Xpnsion Network on Amazon Fire Stick and Roku.

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