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Julius Provides Higher Insight for Contemplation, by Julius channeled by Kasey Speer-Wallis

Julius Provides Higher Insight for Contemplation, by Julius channeled by Kasey Speer-Wallis

Julius is channeled by Kasey Speer-Wallis. Book your own guidance session with Julius at

Welcome, we hope you are well, safe, expanded, and extraordinary.

It is our honor at this time to be addressing such a broad topic for consideration. We first want you to know that as with all higher perspectives there are endless ways for you to be experiencing these times.

It has been discussed by many that there is a massive energetic shift in the paradigm of the 3rd-dimensional realm right now. We want to support that there are 11-dimensional realms being used on the earth ship, and each of those realms are receiving the feed from the Astral plane above the earth. There are also astral planes in between the dimensions and realms. The Quantum ribbons in these planes are higher and in larger numerical count than have been previously on and in the earth.

we recommend you stop being afraid

This means that many changes are occurring, and in order for change to occur for Humans, much information needs to be exposed and brought forth to you so you can make conscious decisions about your change.

There is an immense depth to what is taking place on the earth. From the initiation of fear-mongering to Consious expansion to political exposure to economic exposure to awareness encouragement.

This is an opportunity for you to be choosing either fear or love.

Control and programming attempts for you are taking place and it is clearly working for some and clearly not working for others.

We encourage you to get clear on death, there is no such thing. And to be clear on free will. Your Soul will leave at its free will, not before.

It will create the circumstance for its exit for the experience and then return creating the circumstance for its experience. To walk around in fear of either of these occurrences is to be living less than what your Soul desires, we recommend you stop being afraid.

High Consciousness does NOT just occur for you, you have to be creating it, working on it, loving it. Get moving, and it all begins by letting go of fear.

Be mindful of the illusion and energy of your thoughts and feelings. Be choosing them in every moment with awareness and unleash the potential you have been holding back.

This is a magnificent time for you to be fully recognizing your thought limitation by examining your actions, reactions, angers, frustrations. It is an opportunity for you to change all of it because it’s in your face right now.

If you have been thinking you are of high Consciousness and you’re walking around with a Mask on, it’s your opportunity to see the actual truth of where you are and work harder to release your fears.

Clear up your Vision, stay in Compassion and love, create your truth and reality that’s what all of us who have reached the echelon field of 6th level of Consciousness do, and you are always invited with love to be part of our realities.

As it will be, JULIUS
Channeled by Kasey Wallis

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