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Love and Light in a Juvenile Facility, by Emelia Cuevas

Love and Light in a Juvenile Facility, by Emelia Cuevas

Emelia Cuevas

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I’m fortunate to have a very fulfilling job: I work with incarcerated youths.

It’s my job through the county ROP program to teach them to create resumes, complete job applications, prepare them for job interviews, but also how to deal with stress and anxiety so they can succeed in the world past the gate of probation.

Fortunately, I have the ability to see great promise in each one of them.

There are some days when my students are not kind to me, but I don’t take it personally. I understand it has to do with the fears they deal with every day, like: Will my parents visit me? Where will I go when my parents no longer want me in the home? I’m afraid of reading aloud in class below my reading level. The fear of addiction.

Last week a young lady went off on me. I was addressing another student, telling her I was not responsible for her emotional state, for her energy. The young lady stood up (probation violation), used the f-word, and raised her voice. I spoke to her in an even voice and told her she had a right to disagree with me, but I needed her to sit down and be respectful. She would not listen, and another teacher made the radio call to remove her.

That afternoon I was asked what consequences I wanted her to receive. I said, “Send her to class tomorrow.” She walked in the next morning embarrassed, apologized, and said she had a bad morning. I said, “I know, Sweetie, and today we will set the intention to have a good day.” She took a deep breath and got to work. When the first bell rang, she looked at me and said: “Do you have your oils with you?” I smiled and pulled out Lavender. As I was doing that, the Supervisor of the unit walked in and put out her own wrist for a drop, saying “Lovely, we all need to be calm.” All was well.

“I want you to allow me to teach you to love yourself. You are the love of your life.”

When I feel a shift of energy that tells me someone is uncomfortable with our subject, I throw in a bit of humor, or a Star Wars reference. I hear their laughter, their eyes light up, and I’m confident Divine Love is using me as an instrument to give the correct message. Every morning I meditate and ask Source, “How can I be of service?” Then I send love from my heart to everyone in the juvenile facility. I bring the Light of the Creator into my classroom.

I always start with the lesson of gratitude, that despite the fact that they have a commitment of 90 days up to three years, they can be grateful for so much. I clap, raise my arms in the air and say, “Thank you, Universe, because I woke up this morning! I am in a safe place. I have eyes to see, ears to hear, three meals a day and someone cares that I get my high school diploma…” and so much more.

I then say kindly, “I want you to allow me to teach you to love yourself. You are the love of your life.” I help them release the shame of their probation label and start seeing we are all the same; human beings who wants to love and be loved. Who want a safe place to call home, a good job, and to enjoy life. That’s all everyone wants.

Emelia Cuevas is an Energy Healer trained in Quantum Energy Healing, Karuna Reiki, and other modalities which she uses with doTERRA Essential Oils to awaken your Being and see your light. Appointments: (714) 917-5364 or Hablo Espanol.

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