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The New Purpose of Snow, The Retired Canine TV Star (as told to an Animal Communicator)

The New Purpose of Snow, The Retired Canine TV Star (as told to an Animal Communicator)


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    I was a STAR! A STAR! I was beautiful, at 50 pounds, a majestic white Siberian Husky and Shepherd mix, with a great, sunny smile, saved from a shelter and trained to move amongst actors.

    My job was to follow my trainer’s commands. I did it ALL, perfectly. I was in countless TV shows, and I was trusted to be the action dog, because I tirelessly hit my marks.

    I loved the sounds of a set. I loved the pretty celebrity ladies who gave me a scratch and a pet when the scene was over. They smelled so nice, and they cooed in soft voices. l adored having my picture taken, and practicing running shots or playing fetch with my favorite trainer.

    But something changed a few months ago, after nearly a decade of work. I stopped getting to go to set, and my trainer told me I was retired. What’s THAT??  Seems like rejection to me.

    I quickly lost everything I ever knew. The ranch, my job, pretty actresses fawning over me. A very sweet lady named Brenda came to the ranch, and took me to her house with her crazy shepherd mix, Luna, who is two, and clearly NOT a trained dog.

    Although she is very kind, and I get as many pets and scratches as I want, without having to DO anything for them, we have no schedule, Luna barks like crazy, and I do not know how I can be of service here. 

    Then the illness came. I just feel woozy all the time. I can’t eat much; I can barely stand. Is this why they gave me away? If they knew now, would they care? Sometimes I miss my old home, but then I realize, I was just an employee there. I feel heartbroken when I think of how much love I gave.

    I am not sure I will recover, but I will really try. Brenda really loves me. She has taken me to holistic vets and talked to an animal communicator, who performs energy work to try to clear the inflammation from my body, and the sadness from my heart. 

    My new purpose can be to help Brenda teach Luna to be a noble dog, and to make Brenda happy. She promises she will take lots of pictures of me and post them on social media and make me a star again. 


Animal Communicator Kara’s note: Animal health begins with a clarity of soul purpose and true love. When one or both of those is under-developed or betrayed, illness can gain a foothold. Is it possible that Snow is just a big, old dog, and this is his natural midwifing of death? Yes. Is it possible that a shaken core and unexpected changes weakened his immune system? Yes. The objective truth is always both AND more. He did his job well, and his previous owners tried to retire him with dignity, to a loving human. They could not predict his sadness. May your animals have purpose, continuity, and love, and if you must ever transition them to a new home, consider using an animal communicator to assess best fit, help process the animal’s grief, and speed the adjustment. You can write to me for more information at or call 949-282-3506.

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