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Knocking on the Door of “Higher-Vibration”

Knocking on the Door of “Higher-Vibration”

By Michelle Lynch of Elite Well-Being

You walk into a crowded room, and like a magnet your eyes land on one person.

That person is beaming, radiant and extraordinary. You find yourself drawn to speak with them, to explore this exceptional individual. As you enter their energy field and engage with them, you observe how this person is confident, natural, and sensitive. Maybe they even speak with a purity and wisdom of Divinity and Angelic presence (yes, this is one of those extraordinarily realized beings!).

They exude the energy of unconditional love and non-judgment for humanity in its many stages of development. The more you interact, the more beautiful they become to you. WOW! —you find yourself profoundly attracted to this person.

Congratulations; you’ve just entered the presence of someone living in the state of high-vibration. You are attracted to this person’s true Divine essence (cue fireworks & sparklers) and it’s beautiful, right?

Ok, so here we are at a fork in the road of attraction, presented with a thought-provoking quandary: LOVE, ILLUMINATION & ENLIGHTENMENT vs. SEX, DRUGS & ROCK-n-ROLL.

Another way to view this might be: High-Vibration (heart) vs. Low-Vibration (sex). Operating within a higher-vibration would allow us to see, appreciate and bask in the authenticity of their divinity, even in the presence of their physical attraction.

Operating within a lower-vibration (sex) comes with a quest to obsess and possess. Don’t get me wrong–there’s nothing wrong with sex, but the key is how we view it, use it, and what our intention is.

What to do-what to do! Well first, it’s important to realize not every attraction has to have an end-game. Chill out, breathe, and ask yourself this question: “What would my preacher/pastor/priest do?”…Screech!… Slam the brakes on that! That’s an entirely different topic.

Instead ask yourself: “What would the angels do?”

This line of inquiry automatically creates high-vibration thinking and puts you in a state of mind that just allows. It just is, with no expectations. It’s basking in the essence of God (picture sunbeams, butterflies and puppies).

In the midst of exploring these principles, it’s important to remind ourselves that we’re on a journey of illumination. I encourage you to pass no judgment onto yourself or others, but instead embrace this beautiful evolution of enlightenment.

In all things… in every way… at all times… Perfect Love.

By Michelle Lynch of Elite Well-Being

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