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Your Life is Suddenly Like  Your Ancestors’ Journey, by Julie Andersen Rodriguez

Your Life is Suddenly Like Your Ancestors’ Journey, by Julie Andersen Rodriguez

Julie Andersen Rodriguez

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    Lately, you’ve taken your life journey inward in a way that your indigenous ancestors did in their vision quests and rites of passage traditions.

    Current “safe-shelter” protocols created opportunities – although some would say they were forced – for to begin a journey towards greater peace and freedom this life otherwise did not seem to allow.

    But do we have to return from this journey alone and without support? Absolutely not. 

    I created Rejuvenate Your Soul Healing Arts Center (RYSHAC) in Long Beach as a place to bring such journeyers together with healers and shamanic practitioners – blended with conventional psychotherapy to handle the modern dilemmas – to cultivate a full mind, body, spirit and soul experience for the peace and fulfillment you’re seeking. 

    Our ancestors could certainly count on that support: upon returning to their group, they were welcomed and met with curiosity, acceptance, and love. Their tribe provided a safe reception where they could share the story of their journey and be celebrated and valued for their experience. They were encouraged and reminded that Source Energy and the Universal Mind was always present, always available, and always supportive.

    That’s what Rejuvenate Your Soul can mean to you as well.

    With community in mind and healing hearts at the forefront, we offer classes and healing modalities such as Sound Healing, Ancestral Healing, Meditation Classes, Yoga, Laughter as Medicine, Food as Medicine, Massage, and Energy Healing. Other modalities include Shamanic Healing, Oracle Card Readings, Plant Ceremonies and Sweat Lodges in Group, Individual, Couple, and Family support. Homemade candles, incense, essential oils, and healing crystals are available in our shop. 

    You’ll feel the warm energetic vibrations greeting your body just upon entering our doors, and you’ll know our healers as welcoming and nurturing. They themselves are examples of how this healing work overcomes obstacles and transforms because they walked the path before you on their own healing and expanding experiences. 

    We gently help you with the fears you still resist, with the deep surrender there is to allow, and with the transformation that leads to your greatest release, your greatest freedom. The only way out is through, so why not get a little assistance from friends? 

    I wasn’t too bothered by the sheltering and the mask-wearing because it created an atmosphere that reacquainted many “busy” people with “downtime” and a slower pace of life that matched nature’s rhythm and their own internal rhythm.

    As a practitioner of 30 years, I have found great value in group as well as solo time, so feel free to partake in what feels right to you. We welcome you to join our tribe and re-enter our new world in a community that welcomes you with open arms. Community is where we find comfort in difficult times. Community provides us with collective wisdom, borrowed motivation, accountability, pushing our limits, offering support, and inspiring new ideas.

    And don’t be surprised if we’re able to help unearth your own undiscovered gifts; everyone has them. We’ll help you connect to Source Energy to harness infinite wisdom and embody your gifts as a medicine to offer to the tribe and enhance our community and ultimately, the world.

    Whether you walk through our doors or other doors that open for you, we encourage the active discovery of your new life. Be BRAVE. Be you. 

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