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See All Life as God-Infused

See All Life as God-Infused

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Dr. Moria Foxe is the Sr. Minister/Director of the Redondo Beach Center for Spiritual Living. At the Redondo Beach Center for Spiritual Living, “we invite all Religions, and have a positive nondenominational approach to God, no dogma and no condemnation. Our promise is to Nurture your Spirit and Enrich your Life.” You can find more on Facebook or at


    Wonderful and Dear Hearts,

    Summer has appeared ready or not! It promises to be one with a difference. We continue our lives, adjusting to ever changing circumstance it seems. We are still in a state o great uncertainty, an uncertainty that has many of us confused and anxious, understandably. Yet, hope and faith in a better tomorrow shines through all the dark cloudiness and we are encourage and strengthened when we are open enough and trusting enough to rely on something greater than ourselves, that will carry us through our tribulations and fear into a time more caring, more harmonious, more love-filled and unified. This faith in a better world emerging keeps me centered and able to live in the moment, one precious gift of a day at a time. How are you doing? I often wonder. Always know you are in our prayerful thoughts and close in heart and mind.

If ever kindness and care for each other were essential, this is the time. How easy it is to judge and condemn each other for what we perceive or think we perceive in each other that is not to our liking. We can do this quickly without even being interested in the story behind whatever disturbs us. I share this because I see and hear ourselves do this all too often. When you make up your mind and create stories about me, or if I do it about you, is there real research, sound information behind my conclusions or yours? In our spiritual philosophy we are cautioned over and over again to avoid erroneous thinking – hasty judgments and writing each other off in such unkind ways. All of need to do better in this regard if we are to heal ourselves and our world. “Surely goodness and kindness shall follow me all the days of my life and in God’s own house shale I dwell always. “These words of scripture from Psalm 23 are my constant companions these days. “God’s own house” meaning higher consciousness, a loving, blessing mind state.

    Think about it, Dear Ones. The best way we can heal ourselves and each other is to simply love one another! Be kind to each other. See all life as God infused. Care for Mother Nature, our earth. Think only on what is of good report, what is pure and true. The list of these simple, healing things goes on in language easily understood. Is this not the message of our beautiful Jesus, the Christed One? The message of every true religion. Every true mind and heart? Doesn’t this reminder warm your heart and stir your mind? Why is it that the natural way of love seems to many of us so hard? What stops us from stepping away from our boxed in little selves and breaking out into the great and true and real self of ourselves? Why are we afraid to come out of our boxes? What makes us so afraid to come out of our boxes? What makes us so afraid to live bigger, stronger. Wholesome and fearless lives? These and many other questions I often ponder. Why do we play so small when we are all so amazingly great and strong, full of the Presence of the Divine? 

    To every dear, unique one of you who is reading this sharing, may I sing a little of your birth song? When you came into being all creation sang for joy. The light energy of angelic, heavenly hosts surrounded you and sang in love and praise as you emanated the glory of your essential essence, your God-Light. All of life rejoiced at your coming into being and gave glad thanksgiving for your very splendid light, and unique love creative energy now added to life in our universe, and so much more. That heavenly song of your presence entered your heart and whole being in that everlasting new moment of your arrival. It is your corner stone, the reminder of who and what you are. That heavenly host has never ceased to sing into your Birth Song.

    It is the sanctuary you can return to and draw strength, courage, sacred energy and healing from, and so much more. In higher consciousness realms you are perceived as whole, complete, a rich and rare blessing on this plane. You are seen as a shining beam of love light to shelter and guide those of us who go astray in the fogs of forgetful and spiritual amnesia. This is not a fairy tale. It is a true story. Your true story. Those of us who recognize it are honored and blessed indeed. My prayer for you is that you in one moment of time come to see yourself as your Divine Creator sees you, as whole, perfect and complete – the breath in It’s Breath; the beat in It’s Heart; the pulse in It’s Being. Inseparable from your Divine Source. So of course, I honor Spirit’s Presence within you as I acknowledge your divine light, or as the eastern members of our Family say: Namaste@ “The light within me greets the light within you.” 

    Great blessings to you and through you.

    With great appreciation and love,


    Dr. Moira


Of what am I made? Of the very essence of divinity, I am molded and fashioned in the image of my Creator. Formed in Its power and grace. In me is the brightness of the most radiant star. In me is the depth of the greatest ocean. In me is the depth of inner and outer space. The powerful elements of all life run through me. My name is wonderful, mighty, Prince of Peace. I live everlastingly.  There is no end to all that I am.                                                                        How should I then know myself?                                                  I AM ONE.                                                                                      – – Dr. Moira



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