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Life Is Too Short Not To Be Regressed

Life Is Too Short Not To Be Regressed

By Leora Leon

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By Leora Leon

Recently, I was having a conversation with my brother about my upcoming Past Life Regression Program in his home town in Florida. He was astonished at the number of people who were interested in having past life regressions. Making a joke, he came up with a brilliant phrase that really resonated with me: “Life is too short, not to be regressed.”

I was immediately inspired and began to wonder why his sentence moved me so and what was it about it that stood out. Being a healer by nature (Certified Shaman and Reiki Master), I began to assess why what he said rings so true. Why is life too short not to be regressed?

Soon all the blanks began to fill in.

My belief system, and that of many in my circle, asserts that each life here on the planet Earth does indeed use only a “short period of time” with one purpose: to raise our vibration. In doing so, we create a byproduct called “love,” which assists in balancing the multiverse.

Since our main goal in coming here to Earth, our “incarnational purpose” is to elevate our existence, by raising our vibration, past life regression is certainly one of the most effective tools we have to help us learn how to raise our vibration.  Past life regression helps release energy, or “incarnation shells,” which are the energy we incur with each life.

Throughout our physical existence, or our earthly visitation, we create “incarnation shells” by developing energy through our actions. These shells remain with us until we begin to eliminate them during our awakening, often in a later life. Theoretically, we start out in a low vibrational incarnation, possibly similar to a caveman, and when we reach a Gandhi-like incarnation. We are winding down our earthly visitations. Somewhere in the middle of our time here, we begin to “wake up,” or begin to recognize who we actually are: high vibrational beings. Through many reincarnations, we grow to the point where we’ve learned all the lessons. We return home, again, to the Divine.

As you might suspect, we are not alone. Many planets in the multiverse have been created for the purpose of creating love, which helps to balance the multiverse.

How do we release these “incarnation shells”? We are constantly releasing them through dreams, meditations, healings, past life regression, and even in everyday life when we come upon unfamiliar thoughts or emotions in ourselves.

Our true goal as humans is to live a high vibration life as rapidly as we can. This equates to happiness. In my opinion, the best way to release past life energies is through past life regression. This is because you get to experience the past life existence firsthand.

In summary, releasing past life energy creates both universal love and self-love. It raises your vibration and expedites your time here on earth as an incarnational being.

Therefore, life really is too short not to be regressed!


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