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“Listen to Your Heart Voice” – A Channeling from the Queen of Angels

“Listen to Your Heart Voice” – A Channeling from the Queen of Angels

By: Michele Amburgey

Summer is such a great time to be outside with each other and with nature. It seems like it will go on forever, but as we all know, the only constant is change itself.

For instance, our Beloved Temple of Light has graduated to Etheric Temple status and will no longer be here in physical form. It will be greatly missed, but we also know that it goes on in our energetic patterning both personally and collectively. It will stay in our hearts.

Even so, there is a sadness amongst those of us who have been a part of this beautiful space. So as we each begin to shift ourselves into the next phase of our work, and I call upon the Angels to share their insights and wisdom.

I find myself feeling a soft presence, and I recognize the presence of the Queen of the Angels herself, Beloved Mother Mary sitting beside me.

She says “Beloved children, thank you for your beauty and your loving Light that you share into the world.  It is within each of you to carry the Divine Light inside of you, and it is part of each person’s soul purpose to use that Sacred Light for good. But in order to do this, you must throw back the veils of time. You must release the pains of lives lived unfulfilled as you grow into the pureness of your True Being.  This Earth walk is not easy, and is not for the faint of heart. You knew this when you chose to be here at this time. You are the brave souls who believe in the good, and are ready to shine your Sacred Beauty to fulfill the desires of the One True Divine Presence that many of you call God or Goddess.  For many lives you lived blind and unconscious. But slowly, ever so slowly, you have risen beyond the darkness. You have found your Light. And you are ready for the next phase of your journey.”

“The next phase of your journey, from wherever you are reading this right now, is to be found by going into quiet and meditation even more than ever before.  The secret, the key, the guidance, and the answers are all found in the Inner Sanctum of your Holy Temple.  Your inner self, your mind, heart and emotions and your energy bodies hold the energy and consciousness that will teach you to be fully awake. Meditation steers you away from mind into Mind, the Mind of Higher Consciousness. It takes you into the Sacred Temple of the Heart. In this Heart Mind connection there is peace, healing, abundance, love, kindness, comfort, fulfillment and wholeness.”

I ask Mother Mary if meditation is the only way to reach heights in consciousness and she answers, “It depends on what you mean by meditation.  Many people today think meditation is simply sitting quiet and struggling to tame the mind. Some people think it is chanting, or awareness when taking a walk. When I speak of meditation in this discussion I am referring to the gentle act of listening. It is fine to use traditions of meditation to still the mind, but at some point you must let the mind be at peace so that you can listen to your inner voice, to your Heart voice. Truly, I am not concerned how you get there as much as that you get there, and that you get there on a regular, daily basis. I wish to add that many of you are being called by your precious souls to meditate. You ask for help, you pray, you struggle.  All of your answers are available to you in the stillness of Heart Mind. So, my Beloveds, I seek you out to offer my blessings, and to ask you to dedicate a few extra moments to enjoy the stillness of Mind and listen to your Heart after your practices. Allow yourself the luxury of meditating yourself into Higher Consciousness!!”

I ask Mother Mary if she has any words for the People of the Temple of Light and she responds with a beautiful laugh that sounds like the angels singing and she says, “The Hierarchies of Light thank you for the Love you have anchored into your earth mother.  You now carry this Light onto your next destination to anchor wherever you land.  You are now encouraged to move to spread the Love you have grown into and the Light that you have always been. Listen closely to your hearts as we all move toward the anchoring of a new earth and a new humanity.”

I thank Mother Mary for sharing this profound wisdom with us.  As she moves away I hear her last words, “Blessed is the stillness where the wisdom of higher consciousness is found. Go sweetly, go often, I will meet you there.”

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