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The Key to Living in an Ascended Reality, by Neil Gaur

The Key to Living in an Ascended Reality, by Neil Gaur

Neil Gaur

Neil Gaur is the founder of Portal to Ascension, where you may receive 100s of hours of free presentations that provides expanding awareness on topics such as UFO Disclosure, Our True Ancient History, Sound & Frequency and The Ascension.

What does it mean to get to know yourself? I have heard this phrase for years but not until recently did I understand what it meant. Getting to know how our minds and souls work can result in reducing our triggers and changing the way we react to situations. This can help us stay in a place of compassion, understanding and acceptance.

Portal to Ascension covers many topics, including galactic history, conscious nutrition, the education system & quantum physics. Many are now discovering that these topics and more are all connected to the evolution of our consciousness.

For myself, it was a process of realizing we’re all vibration and frequency, and spirituality is a science we’re rediscovering. Let’s break down some of these topics we cover and see how they are connected to our spirituality.

The only way we can create an ascended reality is by being present in the moment

Conscious Nutrition: Learning about eating well and the corruption in the food industry; which gives us the ability to shift our frequency so that we can be in greater harmony with ourselves, everyone on the planet. What we eat is made of vibrating subatomic frequencies that are either good for our physical and spiritual selves or detrimental.

Education: We are moving into an age where through disclosure of these hidden and ancient truths we can begin to teach our children about their divinity from an early age. The system currently only prepares children for the workforce. Many rules and regulations limit their creativity and pigeonholes them into specific outcomes that benefit the ruling elite & corporations rather than themselves. What if we cultivated our natural abilities from an early age? What if we encourage children to connect with nature, which, in turn, can keep them tapped into their spiritual bodies?

UFO Disclosure asks the questions: Who are these beings we’re in contact with? Where do they come from? Do we share any DNA with them and how do they connect to our ancient past? This is the story of where we came from. We are on this planet of amnesia with hardly any conscious memory of our past lives and other incarnations.

Darryl Anka, who channels a being called Bashar, says we are the only planet that has “full amnesia,” meaning we don’t remember our past incarnations, our different lives, our multidimensionality. Other space civilizations do have challenges as well, but our level of amnesia here is greater than most. Star families call us “The Masters of Limitation.” We chose to come here and be limited in this frequency range—and the beautiful journey is how do we find the light when we don’t even remember that we came from it?

Before 2012, many thought the world was going to shift to a new reality almost overnight and that the ET’s were going to land. Instead, when December 21st went by and it fell short of some people’s expectations, many had to become more grounded in this reality and on Earth and started existing in the now moment rather than waiting for something to occur to save us from ourselves. We are the ones that need to save ourselves and no outside event will bring complete change until we do the innerwork that is needed.

Ascension is paradoxical: it is not about some future destination. Even though we’re ascending in each moment. It’s not about creating something separate from us or heading towards a destination or a new world. The only way we can create an ascended reality is by being present in the moment, instead of anticipating what’s to come. The more we are present with ourselves, our human and non-human family and the planet we have been gifted; the world we know is possibly will and is manifesting.

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