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Louise Hay, Secrets of the Holistic Faires and the Holidays

Louise Hay, Secrets of the Holistic Faires and the Holidays

by Scott Ware, Editor

If you didn’t hear that Louise Hay passed away on August 30 (or transitioned, as some say), it may be because the mainstream press didn’t report it widely. Chances are you were influenced by the books she wrote (such as “Heal Your Body” and “You Can Heal Your Life”), or the spiritual leaders she published through Hay House (Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra, Esther and Jerry Hicks, Doreen Virtue, James Van Praagh, among others). Louise Hay is like a bright star who may no longer physically be here, but will continue to shine in our lives for many years to come. Radiance pays tribute to her on pages 38-39.

I am frequently humbled when I’m with a talented holistic/spiritual practitioner who is transparent and vulnerable enough to admit the challenges they have dealt with (or are currently dealing with) because it’s that learned/earned wisdom and strength that imbues their work, and the reason people keep coming back for their healing, insightful life coaching or intuitive readings (many times all three at once!). You can encounter these enlivened souls at any of the wonderful holistic fairs around town (“Where’s the Faire?” page 57).

One secret of these Spirit Faires/Soul Fests are the free lectures. You could sit all day in the lecture room and experience one expert after another inspire you with their specialty, demonstrate their modality (perhaps by doing a “room reading”) illuminating and moving you in ways you couldn’t anticipate. So on the next Saturday or Sunday you’re feeling a little adventurous, skip the latest Hollywood movie and get a real experience where you’re the star. You won’t soon forget it.

We love that the holidays are here, but why exactly? Because they present a real opportunity to open our hearts and feel the hearts of everyone around us, which feels amazing, plain and simple. Society even encourages it at this time of year. The spiritual community stands ready, having been holding that heart-space for us the entire year—and will continue to do so—so we can experience that warm, brotherly/sisterly/universal love all 365 days, treating every day like a holiday. “Love, actually, is all around,” all the time.

All we need to do is let it in.


Scott Ware


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