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Louise Hay

“Louise is with me every day in my work as a professional life coach. “heal your body” is literally a staple in my tool box. Helping my clients understand how to reframe the mental and emotional imbalance that has manifested as a sprained ankle, a misaligned vertebrae or insomnia is magically revealed in her work. Louise is such a legend with this work if there is something I don’t see in the book, often times I can just google her name and a particular physical illness and I will find the metaphysical way to overcome anything going on in the body. My clients will tell you if they complain about anything physical, I immediately reach for Louise Hay.” – Donna Bond, M.A.

“In 1991 Louise Hay was the first to person to truly help me awaken my consciousness with the belief that I could heal my life. Her positive affirmations and self-awareness techniques helped me shift my old patterns. I began trusting myself and allowed my inner light to grow. I am truly grateful to this magical being. I know she is still with us in an even bigger way, assisting humanity with the shift. I can only imagine she and Dr. Wayne Dyer floating around sprinkling angelic light down on us all. I will continue to share her work and spread the light in my own healing practice, for we are all one.” – Isabella Stoloff


“Who she chose to publish, like Abraham and Esther Hicks and bringing that forward changed so many lives and really helped to set me on my path. I trust Hay House – real truth and integrity. They took spiritual and metaphysical topics and made them understandable.” – Janna Colaco

“She was a person that had these remarkable things coming through her, and they were real. She knew it was so real that she couldn’t not talk about it, and eventually created this publishing company and found someone who could run it for her and grow it. She’s such a muse. She created some beautiful shifts in this planet by being the center of the ripple in a global, galactic way. She went straight to the core, straight to the heart and it bypassed people’s minds so that even if they didn’t know that they needed these changes, it would just get in there and heal them.” – Suzanne McQueen

“She was a huge influence in my life from the time she released You Can Heal Your Life. She has been a steadying force amid all the metaphysical “voices” and I still use her work personally and professionally with my clients because she understood that every issue we suffer from comes down to not loving ourselves. Spot on. Love Louise with all my heart.” – Shelly J Miller

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