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Make New Year’s Resolutions Great Again!

Make New Year’s Resolutions Great Again!

Hypnotherapy Is the Game-Changer

by Janna Colaco, C.Ht., Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist

“Great again,” you say? “Since when have New Year’s Resolutions ever been great? They’re painful and they fail!”  And so, the uphill battle begins.

Chances are your emotional subconscious already wants to go on strike whether your goal is to lose cookie pounds, exercise, quit smoking, clean the garage, get a job, or quit procrastinating. Can you really blame it? Resolutions feel like living in a concentration camp. Like winter in Auschwitz! So, deep down, we revolt.

Resolutions mostly feel:

  • Overwhelming
  • Hard
  • Hungry, exhausting, painful, stressful
  • Empty and sad, without chocolate, chips or TV
  • Like cutting out a piece of your soul!

Still, January comes. We grimly rally. We slog along, forcing ourselves up at the crack of dawn, limiting our calories and threatening ourselves into a productive frenzy. This Herculean effort lasts from a few days to weeks, maybe a few precious months, until we start to unravel.

Eventually, the over-worked, emaciated, tortured prisoners of our emotional concentration camp rise up and stage a coup against our will power and goals. Sick and tired of the abuse, these subconscious freedom fighters shoot the guards with tranquilizer darts, carry us gently onto the couch, hand us our chips, chocolate, bunny slippers and remote, where they self-soothe us for, like, a year.

In the meantime, the usurped conscious mind gets really angry. It starts yelling threats and admonitions of “failure! Failure!! FAILURE!!!” at us, which is just more torture!

Hypnotherapy is the game-changer, bringing pleasure rather than pain to our goals. We can make resolutions fun and great again!

Hypnosis is a modality tracing back to ancient Egypt. It’s been used in one form or another in almost every culture on Earth. It’s a drug-free, holistic approach to change, transforming dread into pleasure and joy. Now that’s a gift that will last the whole year!

Hypnosis creates new emotions of:

  • Motivation
  • Ease
  • Comfort
  • Craving the NEW behavior
  • Confidence and self-worth

When goals feel good and effort is easy, resolutions stick and life is full of joy. I’ve personally used hypnosis for:

  1. Appetite control. I feel full on smaller portions. Chocolate, cookies and chips only taste good the first two bites; after that they’re yucky.
  2. Motivation. Waking up at 5 a.m. to exercise is fun! I bound out of bed like a kid on Christmas morning. (I used to just roll over and go back to sleep.)
  3. Swimming is the best part of my day and I just can’t wait to do it! Trust me, I didn’t always feel that way, especially in the winter. How’s that for NEW behavior?
  4. Building strong muscles and cardiovascular endurance is a pleasant sensation. I used to hate cardio.
  5. The house just seems to magically clean itself! Well, it feels that way. I dropped resistance to it.

The point to all of this is: It’s the war that makes it hard; hypnosis makes the doing easy…even pleasurable. And that’s something that works in all aspects of our lives.

Since becoming a hypnotherapist, January has become my favorite month. I get to help clients enjoy the process of positive change. It’s a win-win. What’s a better way to start a new year than that?

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