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Making Way for New Beginnings

Making Way for New Beginnings

“Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.” Roman philosopher Seneca

With love and blessings, and at your service always,

Rev. Danielle Marie, Messenger of Light and Founder of the Temple of Light Spiritual Community, mobile and global.

There are Three Simple Steps to navigate change that I’ve written about in earlier articles and now, with a sudden change of events, must actually implement.

The first is to decide that no matter how bad a situation or circumstance initially looks, find the positive angle of the change. You’ll discover it’s actually true that everything does happen for a reason.

The second step is to let go of the need to find the resolution or course of action solely by yourself but, rather, to pray and meditate for Spirit to help guide you. We often want to resolve something quickly so it’s tempting to jump right into a course of action before fully understanding the best way to go about it.

The third step is to find the courage and faith to know we can do what needs to be done and know that we have the maturity and patience to do it even if the resolution will take a while. Some life changes can take up to a year or two to fully implement.

Resistance to change is futile, and burying our heads in the sand and pretending it’ll go away if we ignore it only creates suffering and exhaustion. Forward we must march but we do not need to “soldier” on. We can go forward with peace, trust and grace.

I am experiencing this process myself quite acutely right now. Many of you already know that the physical location of the Temple of Light is closing and the Temple is transitioning to the mobile and global realm. But that’s far from the end of the story. Because many of you are on this journey with me, I wanted to share not only what brought us to this point but also the positive—if not miraculous—opportunities and beginnings that are forming in its wake.

I began this particular journey in 2005; I started taking classes and doing course work in the intuitive, spiritual and metaphysical world. Not only was I nurturing my relationship with my deepest self, but I was meeting people who would become some of my dearest friends, including Elizabeth Hendershot and Michele Amburgey, to name only a few. I had a vague notion of wanting to transition from working as a CPA in my family accounting practice to becoming a full-time intuitive counselor, but nothing seemed definite and the path to accomplish this was far from clear.

Unbeknown to me, change was on my doorstep.

That summer, my husband and I received a call from the emergency room and heard these words: “You need to get here now.” My eldest daughter had been hit by a drunk driver. I was shocked and confused.

We jumped in the car and something told me to “check in.” Up until this point, all the classes I had taken were more about personal amusement and fun. I said loudly in my head “Show me!” I was suddenly given and told—in a flash of images and words—that my daughter would be okay. I was so relieved. I was then shown the accident, how it happened and what her injuries were, which consisted of severe head trauma with a cracked skull.

I trusted what I saw, and felt at peace. I tried to convey this news to my husband. He waved it off. I’d never demonstrated these skills before, so why would he believe me?

We had to wait in the emergency room for what seemed like hours before we were given the official news of her status. During that time, my husband was in the greatest state of fear and angst I had ever seen. It seemed so wrong for me to be in such a different place. I remember thinking, “All the world should be able to see and know the truth.” In that moment, I resolved to be a teacher of what I had just experienced. I heard myself say, “Everyone should be able to do what I just did and know the truth.”

Everything happens for a reason and, although I have some insight into why the accident happened for my daughter, the bulk of the reasons remain safely tucked away in the confines of her relationship with the Divine. I certainly know why it happened for me.

She did indeed recover in the manner and timeframe I was shown that night. I was even able to spend the summer at home with her as she convalesced, and she attended college in the fall as scheduled. I then went to my husband and said I would like to leave the firm and do this work full time. We agreed on a two-year transition.

I continued taking classes but this time with far more purpose and drive. On schedule, in early 2007, I finished up my accounting work and went full-time into this field. I continued honing my skills, learning how to dress and utilize all the special lingo. I was having the time of my life.

But something was missing. I yearned for a place where spiritual people could gather, share, study and feel a sense of belonging. Most of us were black sheep or the strange one in the family (I was even given a “gag order” in my family of origin).

I sat at my kitchen table one night and, after another fruitless internet search for some sort of spiritual center to go, I said loudly in my head, “I need a community.” Suddenly, the voice of Archangel Michael boldly answered, “Then build one.”

A few days later, as I was doodling on some paper, I wrote the words, “Temple of Light.” I had already been ordained with the Universal Life Church a year earlier, so I went on their website and applied for congregation status.

On October 30, 2007, the “Temple of Light Spiritual Community” was born.

My garage became a classroom and I decaled the back window of my car. From the night we received the call from the emergency room, it took two years for the three steps I outlined above to come to fruition. A spiritual community was born that would change the lives of thousands of people over the next decade.

Fast forward 10 years. My spiritual practice has grown by leaps and bounds. I’ve honed my skills, learned how to teach classes, and create monthly holistic healing fairs. The Temple housed onsite practitioners in our beautiful Irvine facility.

We birthed a magazine called Radiance and created a lineup of classes and events so diverse and interesting that people kiddingly complained we had there were too many choices. The TOL team hosted Gary Renard, Larisa Stowe and Shakti Tribe, James Van Praagh, Tim Braun, Michael Tellinger, Stewart Pearce, Zarathustra, Joe Nunziata, Hollister Rand and a long list of other illustrious names in the business.

We’ve hosted concerts, parties, celebrations and special observances. We’re known throughout the county and beyond to Los Angeles, San Diego and the Inland Empire. We made a home for the teachers and seekers in the spiritual community. We had arrived at the pinnacle of our success. Or so I thought.

In April 2017, our property management company informed us that the building owner wanted to be in alignment with current market prices, which meant a 35% increase in rent. Interestingly, they suggested we couldn’t navigate such an increase, and they were right.

I was initially shocked, but am happy to report I adhered to step one of navigating change. I decided something positive would come of it. I truly did not believe we would succumb to any negative demise. I held fast and kept my chin up. I had to hold space for everyone else, as all eyes were on me for the next move.

For a month, I explored options. The most relevant one was with Jerry Woods of the School of Multi-Dimensional Healing Arts and Sciences, so when I got in my car and heard Archangel Michael say, “Call Jerry,” I wasn’t too surprised.

I met Jerry for the first time, and we became fast friends. He said he was told by Spirit many months ago we would work together. We penciled out an arrangement where he would increase his space to house our community and we would run both communities as partners. It made a lot of sense on paper.

My “head” was all in but my body was telling me a different story. Every time I talked about it excitedly, I became violently ill. I remember waking up the morning of the meeting where we would make it official.

Before my head kick it into gear, I heard my body say loud and clear, “Please don’t do this!” When I arrived at the meeting, I stayed in my car and spoke with Archangel Michael (with the help of Michele Amburgey). I was confused. Archangel Michael had guided me to open the Temple, stayed with me through the growth and sent me to Jerry. What was happening now?

He said I could move forward with the merging of space with Jerry and be supported but my body would not recover from another three years of this kind of administrative pressure and financial responsibility. I knew deep in my heart this was true and accepted it. I sobbed. I went into the meeting sobbing and sobbed as I told Jerry I just couldn’t do it. He was gracious, understanding and kind. I sobbed for the next two days. My beloved Temple. What was happening?

That’s when I took a left turn and abandoned Step One. No longer did I think something positive was happening. I thought I’d failed the Divine by letting the Temple go simply because I didn’t want to risk my health. Even though I know I live in a loving, giving Universe that had already forgiven me, I felt I’d failed in my mission to bring a community center to healers so they could do their work with a sense of belonging rather than feel ostracized. Despite these heavy-hearted feelings, I began telling everyone we were closing and continued sobbing.

Not being able to bear it any longer, and needing guidance for which I was too upset and exhausted to conjure myself, I reached out to Stewart Pearce, who channels the Angels of Atlantis. As soon as the appointment started on Facetime, I was sobbing, and he said in his lovely British accent, “Oh poor darling, whatever is the matter?”

I managed to relay the circumstances. He empathized and told me about closing one of his schools. Then Archangel Michael spoke through him and pointed out that I was the only one weeping, the angels were not. I had not, in fact, broken prophecy but, rather, succeeded in it. Unbeknown to me, the physical building of the Temple was meant to close. It was time for me to get some long-needed rest and emerge to take the Temple “mobile and global.”

I stopped crying.

I’d been hearing this phrase for months now and thought it meant something entirely different. The physical building is closing but the Temple is, in fact, expanding. Jerry’s school will expand because of this change and pick up many of the practitioners and physical aspects.

I also initially thought, and even announced on Facebook, that the magazine was closing as well. But an amazing man who is now the Editor-in-Chief, Scott Ware, came forward and is not only continuing the magazine but expanding it, giving it the time and attention I was too exhausted to fully provide.

I also heard that Awakenings Metaphysical Bookstore purchased Visions and Dreams in Costa Mesa and is expanding that venue. So, good changes are happening all throughout our community. Step One is restored! At this writing, I happily await guidance on Steps Two and Three to see what will happen next. My new journey awaits me!

I asked, and you may be asking too, why did the messages over time not come more forthrightly? The answer is we must make the decisions ourselves. Spiritual guidance does not mean “tell me what to do.” The mix of destiny and free will is a concept I continue to explore.  For today and the time to come, I am so thrilled to continue to write for the magazine as well as teach classes and see clients at the School of Multi-Dimensional Arts and Sciences. Our community has not only expanded, it has bonded.  My tears are now of pure joy.

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