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Master Healer Jeff Mamora

Master Healer Jeff Mamora

Master Healer Jeff Mamora

“Master Jeff has a fantastic way leading and gently guiding you through where the body and emotional soul energy are showing blockages. He’s got this very gentle way, that I so appreciate, of holding a mirror up to the patterns and blockages that are there which helps you take a step back and have a new perspective on it that creates an awareness and an acceptance that allows you to heal and cleanse and you feel very uplifted…. The experience is eye-opening and awakening.” – Kelly Gordley


“…I can’t even describe… I was very dislocated, a lot of things were going on in my head, with my family. I got a lot of clarity though Jeff. I’ve had a lot of anxiety. Now I’m going to look at each blessing. I just have all this confidence! Things aren’t the same. I feel much happier. I look at things differently.”


“Before I met Jeff, I’ve been having a lot of traumatic feeling and pain in my heart. My husband passed away 2 ½ years ago… Jeff calmed me down. He brought a lot of healing to my heart. I was walking crooked; I was out of balance and it was all due to the physical pain in my body.” –  Michelle Jolly Smith


“I am not one who feels things immediately, but I have to say I don’t know what Jeff is doing but he made me get into instant BLISS. All I was doing was sitting there with my eyes closed and feeling some of the patches’ energy. I didn’t even put them on me. I ended up giggling and laughing with such joy. He reminds me to be in gratitude. That is the single most important feeling and sensation anyone ever needs to live their life. It will change your life.” – Teresa Shen


“I received a lot of healing on Saturday from Jeff. So much that I needed to sleep for hours afterward. Jeff helps a lot of people… When I met Jeff, God put him there, and it was a blessing. He really saved my life.”  Patty Espinosa

“I’ve experienced lots of sexual trauma. I walked in here from a very stressful morning with lots of drama. He could sense that I had a lot of anxiety. As soon as he placed his hands on me, it disappeared, and I can’t thank him enough for that. With Jeff I realized I have to continue working on myself. There’s a lot of light and love coming into my life and a lot of transformation. I feel like I’m a stronger individual after working with Jeff… I have structured myself; I have grounded myself, and I wasn’t able to before.  – Samantha

Master Jeff Mamora is an energetic healer who incorporates holistic tools and unique protocols inspired by Spirit to promote emotional breakthroughs, transmutation of negative energy and spontaneous healing. Master Mamora resides in Southern California where he is devoted to healing and teaching. He can be reached at 909-214-1207 and his videos may be viewed at

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  1. Sean Chen
    5 months ago

    Jeff is a true master in healing, very knowledgeable and powerful