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An Interview with Jeff Mamora – an energy healer with a unique energy healing technique

An Interview with Jeff Mamora – an energy healer with a unique energy healing technique

Jeff Mamora

Jeff Mamora is an energy healer with a unique energy healing technique. -Editor

You’re known in many video testimonials as a very impactful healer. Do you have a practice you do beforehand to prepare?

It’s important to energetically cleanse yourself. I was spiritually guided to create a system that is like a higher plane kind of cleansing ground. So you could literally dissolve anything negative. When you have negative thoughts, negative emotions, it is actually like a thing, like matter. It’s not in a biological form. Just by being able to dissolve all of that I’ve done a little over a thousand miracles. I allow the body to heal the mind so you become more you. You’re becoming a vehicle of love and light. Everything is just better. It’s not the high vibration within that lesser frequency, but the quality of that energy in that frequency.

How do you people find you?

A lot of times its referral, or just magnetism. Mainly they come to me when they’re dying. Or someone they know is dying in a certain aspect and they need to transform ASAP. If they don’t transform something now, great suffering comes.

How do you work?

You could connect to me, just feel me. Because it’s literally in the rate of your connection to me that people get profound shifts. In my healing I use more of a mental health approach; initially I do a complete assessment. We find a compromised area, then I dig deeper to the root cause of the problem.

You work with kids a lot.

Yes, autistic kids, kids with brain damage, at-risk kids. My first approach is to deal with the parents. Once I was able to shift, heal and transform the child’s parent in mere moments. Many of the video testimonials I post speak to this.

Is that energy healing as well?

Yes, and it has a higher authority and in most matters. This is what I teach. The energetic world, or your chi flow dictates your bio-electrical properties, your thoughts and your emotions, right? Then that world dictates the physical plane, but if your way is only with physical modality, you’re chasing your tail. I explained this to the number one cancer doctor in the world, and his whole executive team in twenty-eight minutes.

Who was that?

Dr. Tony Jimenez, the founder and CEO of Hope 4 Cancer Clinic.


About two months ago.

And what was the reaction?

Well, there was an argument because I did healing and transformation on every single one in the room. I explained that it’s great that you’re curing cancer and you’re the number one cancer clinic in the world, but guess what? The cancer got there to begin with for a reason. And maybe it’s not even gone, because if you do not transform and heal what got the cancer there to begin with it will come back or become some other thing. The same with any other physical modality by itself. Because physical elements from the source of your soul are always coming from the spiritual world. This is how I’m able to do miracles instantly. It’s an art of allowing, of miracles and blessings…

Master Jeff Mamora is an energetic healer who incorporates holistic tools and unique protocols inspired by Spirit to promote emotional breakthroughs, transmutation of negative energy and spontaneous healing. Master Mamora resides in Southern California where he is devoted to healing and teaching. He can be reached at 909-214-1207 and his videos may be viewed at

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