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This is a story that touches my heart deeply. As a professional Animal Communicator, I will be doing intuitive and energy work with them to strengthen these bonds. Here is what the sweet little puppy Sheena told me.

 My new name is Sheena. I’m trying very hard to listen and watch, so perhaps I may stay.

 It’s my third name and my fourth home. Place. I should say places. I have never had a true home.

 I am small at almost one year old, with warm brandy-colored eyes, the black and orange markings of an Aussie and the backend of a toy poodle. I am beautiful, very smart, and perpetually nervous.

 It has been four days. This newest family with three handsome boys took me from the woman who called herself my “foster.” I don’t know what that means. To me, she was the sunshine, and I wanted her to be mine.  

 The new family put me in a car, and I knew I was being sent away again. It made my tummy roil. I tried hard to wait until we stopped to throw up, so I wouldn’t be in trouble-I am always afraid I might do something wrong.

 The new family has a big house, and I am never alone. I like to run right behind the woman’s heels, so my cold nose touches her ankles. This makes her smile. I want to make her love me. But I sense her holding back, assessing, worrying.

 Do you think I can stay?

 I love the green ferns in the backyard. I am confused because there are no other dogs here. I am used to dogs more than people.  I love the boys. They teach me things and play.

 If I learn to fetch, may I stay?

 I peed where I wasn’t supposed to today. The family was nice, but I could tell they didn’t like it. The trainer told them today in front of me that my biggest problem is fear. He also thinks I

may be sick. It’s true that I feel very tired, but I wish he hadn’t told them. I need them to love me. I need to be perfect.

 If I am sick, may I still stay?

 I can tell they are worried. Worried for me that I might be unwell, but also worried because I am timid, because I don’t like cars, because I peed inside. I can read their thoughts as they wonder if I am really going to be a “good dog.”

 Can you tell me, please, what a good dog is?  I try to bark when strangers come, but that’s not good. I get carsick, that’s not good. I’m afraid of new things. That’s not good.

 Please tell them l will learn every trick they want. I will try to do whatever “Good Dog” means. But can you take my fear away? My fear that they don’t like me? The constant fear that I won’t stay?

 I just want to stay.


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