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Psychic mediums are often get asked, “What if my loved one didn’t speak English?”

That doesn’t actually matter, because a medium will still be able to not only convey the essence of the Spirit person, but prove their existence and pass on their messages by receiving subtle energy instead of hearing actual words.

English Psychic Medium Glenn Bryant from England and his wife Dagmar from Australia have plenty of experience doing just that. They are also a perfect example of how mediumship, and love, can transcend boundaries. They met at a college of mediumship in England, fell in love, married, and now live together in Orange County. They are regularly seen on TV and heard on radio, and travel the world teaching, reading and demonstrating their mediumship.

Glenn Bryant explains, “Mediumship is about proving the continuous existence of the human soul, after the death of the physical Mediumship is about proving the continuous existence of the human soul, after the death of the physical body. As such, proof of survival of ‘death’ is fundamental. If a Spirit person wants to communicate their messages of love to a family member or friend left on the Earth plane, they will always find a way, irrespective of foreign languages or international borders.

“I have worked for many non-English speaking clients. When a Spirit person wants to communicate, they will not just use my clairaudience (clear hearing) to “talk” to me. They can use all of my psychic faculties as they are manipulating energy. As psychics, we pick up on that energy and translate it into messages. For example, a Spirit person may show me an image (clairvoyance) of a famous movie star to describe their physique. They could give me the smell (clairolfactrience) of whiskey to show what their favorite drink was. Or they may use the taste (clairgustance) of cough syrup to show that they took a lot of medication during their life. All of these pieces of information are expressed in the form of energy. As such, language doesn’t matter.”

German born International Psychic Medium Dagmar Bryant says, “Spirit will use the tools that we are familiar with, so for me, I may be given an image of a tarot card if it is relevant. For example, the card of The Chariot might be shown to me if a move of home or work is relevant to the client. I was once told by a Spirit person “mention the importance of peanuts,” and it transpired that the Spirit person had passed due to anaphylactic shock relating to a peanut allergy.”

Glenn suggests that, “One point to remember is that mediums cannot dictate who comes through. The Spirit world is in charge of that. If, for example, your mom comes through because she wants to tell you she’s sorry for her behavior when she was here, and you don’t listen to that because you only want your daughter to come through, you are creating an energetic block. So, keep yourself open for whomever needs to talk. Remember, they are ‘in the light’ so they can see the bigger picture far better.”

Glenn and Dagmar will be presenting various events across Orange County in the coming weeks. Please refer to the ad:


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