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Meeting Yourself with Love, by Donna Bond, M.A.©

Donna Bond

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Most of us grow up measuring ourselves against someone or something and living in a loop where we continually reinforce the misunderstanding, “I am not enough.”

This great act of loving oneself requires acceptance. It asks us to move out of judgement and into a place of compassion for “what is.” When we do that, we know from a higher place that, we are enough.

First, it’s important to recognize your ego is actually incapable of loving all the un-perfect parts of you

As I reflect on my own self-love inquiry, what I realize at the deepest level is, my ability to love anyone else is predicated first on my willingness and ability to love and accept myself. Loving myself means loving all of me. The good, the bad, the ugly and like I say to my clients, the super wicked ugly. (I’m from Connecticut, where wicked is a popular verb.)

How do you begin loving yourself?

First, it’s important to recognize your ego is actually incapable of loving all the un-perfect parts of you. The parts that you don’t even want to look at. It’s incapable because it’s mired in judgment, wants to appear perfect and quite frankly wouldn’t know how to love all of you.

But what I’m learning is, Love itself, knows how to do it.

Dr. Robert Holden, Ph.D. suggests, “Love is intelligent” and as his student in a six-month inquiry on Love, I allowed Love to lead the way. I let it guide and inform me. I let Love be my teacher. And in that, I met Love and more importantly, Love met me. Almost miracuosly, Love melts away judgement’s the ego carries around with it. When they are met with Love’s presence, I discovered my judgements are powerless. I began loving all of me, through deep and radical acceptance.

Meeting Yourself with Love, is Loving All of You.

The precursor to Loving all of you is acceptance. It’s accepting the messy parts, the careless, disheveled, disorganized parts. It’s accepting the super wicked ugly parts. Meeting yourself with Love requires accepting all your human parts. Be it your stubborn victim, your defensive bully, your petty child – try letting Love meet those parts of you.
And, in so doing; allow yourself the realization, from that place of compassionate acceptance, that you are enough. That like everyone else on this planet, you are a Divine Being having a human experience. In this discovery, you are met with only Love. Loving yourself is an experience that invokes self-respect, self-nurturing and self-compassion, to name a few. Meeting yourself with Love, is loving the whole of you.

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Transformation Consultant and Life Coach Donna Bond, M.A. offers inspiring workshops and life-changing coaching programs. A graduate of USM with a MA in Spiritual Psychology, Donna’s work helps you live into your full potential from the inside out.

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